Re/forme lagree fitness

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Re/forme lagree fitness and were last updated on 1/30/23.

Social distancing measures

Machines are spaced so that clients are at least six feet apart while taking class.

Extra sanitation

While we will continue and add in sanitation between classes, you can also pre-wipe your machine before taking class to ensure you hit all the spot you would like to as well.

Contactless check-in

We will check you in! Please let us know your name when you have arrived.

Limited amenity access

No towel service at this time. Please bring your own sweat towel!

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Tue, Jan 31
45 min

Kylie Whitlow
45 min

Kylie Whitlow
45 min

Holly Grender
45 min

Holly Grender

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