Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

Think your slow cooker is just for winter? Think again! Soup season might be officially behind us, but that doesn’t mean your slow cooker needs to collect dust until the fall. Try one of these summer-approved ideas to show your Crock-Pot the summer love it deserves.

Fall-off-the-bone slow cooker ribs

Because no summer is complete without a rack of ribs, and now you don’t even have to grill them. Win-win! Get the recipe here.

Slow cooker adobo chicken

Think you just fell in love with a spicy bowl of goodness? That’s because you did. The best part of this recipe is what you can add on top — avocado, fat-free cheese and more! 

Peach cobbler

See? We told you slow cookers weren’t just for soup. You can simmer up this sweet cobbler for a barbecue or, you know, just because you’re hungry and totally rocked bootcamp class twice this week.

Turkey sausage pasta sauce

Cook up a batch of this savory sauce, freeze it, and you have lunch all week. The best part? The sauce is great over veggies, pasta, rice and more.

BBQ beef tacos with mango salsa

This recipe for barbecued beef is so good, you may just eat it without the taco. It’s easy to carry to the park for a picnic with your friends — just grab tortillas and go. 

Enchilada quinoa

Before you make it to an intense class, stock up on the healthy protein and ingredients this recipe provides. The only bad thing about this grainy bowl of goodness is that it doesn’t last forever. 

Allison Berry is a New York City-based writer and editor. She’s fallen in love with barre class, but she primarily uses it to support her pizza addiction.