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Welcome to Santa Monica!

If you’re looking for the best workouts and fitness experiences in town, ClassPass has you covered with this guide. Book a class at the city’s top fitness studios and explore everything Santa Monica’s fitness scene has to offer. Click here to view the full list of ClassPass studios in Santa Monica, CA.

s t u d i o s    t o    t r y

Cycle House

Not only did this studio have its own reality TV show (can it get more LA than that?) but its classes will kick your butt into shape. The views of the infamous Santa Monica Pier don’t hurt either.

34 Degrees North

34 Degrees North’s indoor and outdoor classes cover the full movement training spectrum so you can develop an incredible body and fitness level.


Go from sweating it out to cooling down in the Pacific at this state-of-the-art boxing gym that’s mere minutes from the beach.

Flywheel Sports: Stadium Cycling

Flywheel’s cycling studio offers a competitive-style class that motivates you from start to finish. Bonus: All shoes, towels and combination lockers are complimentary so you’ll always be ready to sweat.


The variety of classes at this posh studio allow you to experience a ton of different workouts all in one place. Take one of their challenging cardio barre classes, get sweating in HIIT or zen out during yoga.

Pure Barre

If you’re looking for a low-impact but effective workout that won’t leave you sweaty, Pure Barre is a great option for toning and tightening the body.



s t u d i o s    o n    t h e    r i s e

Want to try something new? Check out these unique Santa Monica studios for a fun fitness adventure.


Whether you want to indulge in muscle recovery, get an energy boost or treat your skin to some self-care, CryoZone is the perfect quick-fix studio to drop into.

Kundalini Yoga by the Sea

This airy studio will calm your stress while lifting your spirits through its kundalini yoga and Reiki practices.

Unplug Meditation

Clear your mind through one of Unplug Meditation’s eclectic classes, which sometimes include holistic practices like aromatherapy and crystal healing.


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