5 Tips to Help You Crush At-Home Workouts

Working out at home offers a lot more than just convenience. Thanks to interactive workouts like ClassPass Live, you can take unlimited classes in real-time with instructors who are practically in your living room — pushing you just as hard as if you were in a gym or studio. Whether you’re new to at-home workouts or have been doing them for years, there are a few simple things you can do to get the most out of your exercise time.

1. Create a space

We know your home is not a gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some space to work out. A great way to establish consistency in your at-home workout is to have a room or area dedicated to it. One of the great things about ClassPass Live is that it requires zero equipment — but regardless of how little or how much equipment you use, a designated workout space is a big help. It will bar excuses and cut down on time spent setting up or cleaning up before and after your workout.

2. Make it routine

Prioritize exercise by blocking out time on your calendar and planning your days and weeks around those blocks. Setting aside this time will help you to be more accountable and less likely to skip. Schedule workouts just like you would any other important appointment. ClassPass Live classes are live Monday – Friday from 7am – 12pm EST giving you plenty of flexibility when scheduling. 

3. Dress to sweat

Putting on proper workout attire before an at-home workout helps you look and feel the part. Just like any other exercise, these workouts demand the proper attire to move as effectively as possible. Plus, wearing activewear reminds you of your obligations to your workout (in case you get distracted). Bonus: ClassPass Live incorporates a heart rate monitor to track your workout in real-time — another wearable reminder to get moving!

4. Snack smart

Exercising on an empty stomach can make you want to stop before you start, while sweating it out on a full one can have the same result. Since it’s easier to quit when you’re working out at home, avoid this obstacle by snacking smart. Eat something with simple carbs and a little protein before you change into your workout clothes so your stomach will have a few minutes to digest before you begin.

5. Reward yourself

While working out at home does require discipline, anyone is capable of taking on the challenge! Because you are relying on yourself even more, don’t forget your reward. Set goals and rewards based on things like the number of times you work out in a week or how many times you reach the top five on ClassPass Live’s leaderboard in a month! This will help you stay on track and engaged in your at-home workouts.


Ready to workout? Put these tips to the test by signing up for ClassPass Live today!




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