Easy Tricks to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

New year, new New Year’s resolution to break—wait, no, that’s not right. 2018 will be your year to finally check off all of your goals. You will sign up for that volunteering gig, you will go to more networking events, you will master your headstand. No more excuses! With these apps, tips and tricks accomplishing your to-do list just got so much easier. We promise.

Jot your goals down on a list

If you’re someone who can never remember the resolutions you set on December 31, track it on Todoist, an app that lets you customize and manage tasks. You can set projects, subtasks, deadlines, track your progress and even use it with groups for all those multi-member goals you made (lookin’ at you Thursday night yoga sesh ladies!).

…And post it in plain sight

Even if you write down your goals digitally in an app like Evernote, you might need to print it out and tape it in a spot for you (and everyone else) to see. It acts as a constant reminder to keep pushing forward even as your days, weeks, and months get busy. Plus, it holds you accountable to anyone who might just check in on your progress.

Start a new habit

Want to quit smoking? Read more before bed? Take the dog for a walk every day? With the Streaks app, you can add up to 12 tasks you want to turn into daily habits and every time you complete one your streak is extended. You have the choice to set each task to certain days and can even connect it to your Apple Watch so you never miss a thing.

Nail down a running routine

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to hit the trails more often, the Nike+ Run Club app can keep you on your game. It includes GPS tracking details of your run, audio guided workouts and reminders that push you to run at least once a week. The most rewarding part? Every time you open the program it displays how many miles you’ve ever trekked!

Keep your $$$ in order

For many, getting finances in order tends to be a top goal in the coming year. Whether you’re trying to pay off student loans, save for a home, or just trying to cut down on unneeded spending, an app like Simple can help. Through one central account, the service manages your finances with a single debit card that connects to the Simple app. From there, you can use the system to track spending, set budgets, and accomplish money-making goals.

Stay hydrated

Hey, not all resolutions have to be super-duper difficult. And this will let you live up to that “be healthier” challenge. But we admit–drinking enough water can sometimes be the most difficult part of our day. That’s where a tool like the Drink Water Reminder N Tracker app comes in! The app is a handy way to stay on top of your H2O intake. You can clock your ounces, set reminders,  and track your daily doses. If that’s not enough, check out the Hidrate Spark water bottle, a Bluetooth-enabled water bottle that syncs with your phone to calculate just how many glasses you’ve guzzled in a day.

Log some real sleep

This will be the year that you finally feel rested. In comes the Sleep Cycle app, an alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep so you feel naturally rested. No more jarring alarms. No more hitting that snooze button. You’re about to become one of those cheery morning people (OK, we won’t push it that far).

Emily is a recent graduate and proud Midwesterner who just moved to the big city to start her career in magazine journalism. When she isn't commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan, she enjoys browsing bookstores for her next read, sipping chai tea lattes at local coffee shops, and playing tourist in the city she always dreamed of living in.