5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

From summer sweat sessions to winter workouts, hydration keeps your body going all year round. Yet, even when people know how important drinking water is, they don’t always know how much to drink every day. Do you?

Michael Yabut, Manager of Product and Experience at TITLE Boxing Club, recommends athletes drink 192 ounces of water a day. Yes, you read that right. 192 ounces. Here’s what that looks like:


Before you run to fill up your glass (or jug), rest assured that us non-professional athletes have it a little easier. While the information differs, CamelBak created this convenient hydration calculator that takes into account your gender, height, weight and activity levels—give it a try!

Once you have your target hydration goal in mind, here are a few ways to make drinking the right amount of water an easy (well, easier) achievement!

1. Add some flavor

We love adding lemon or cucumber to our water for a refreshing change. Raspberry and lime, strawberry mango and grapefruit are more flavors we love!

2. Start your day with a cold one

A cold one of water that is. Starting every morning with a cold glass of water is an easy way to sneak some ounces in. This will also help wake you up for the day and help increase your metabolism.

3. Make your water an essential

Essential oils aren’t just for your diffuser. Add some to your water for added health benefits.

  1. Lemon essential oil alkalizes the body, detoxifies and soothes a sore throat. This is perfect for allergy season and winter time.
  2. Tangerine fights craving and aids in the digestion of fat.
  3. Peppermint curbs appetite, helps stop migraines and increases concentration.

4. Get competitive

Everyone loves a little competition. Keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day and compare with your coworkers. Bragging rights and meeting your daily goal are great motivators. Please do not drink all of the recommendation ounces in a short period of time. This can be dangerous. Drink at your normal rate, but keep track of it.

5. Try a reusable straw

This seems like a silly tip, but we promise it works! Have you ever noticed at a restaurant how many times your water is refilled when you’re drinking out of a straw? Make it fun and earth-friendly with a brightly-colored reusable straw. 

Water is so important for our bodies to function properly, for our immune health and our daily functions. Grab a friend and test out some of these tips to see which ones work the best for you!

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