Busy wrapping up the year? Aside from catching up on this year’s industry trends, you likely have holidays on your mind. As you begin your shopping, don’t forget about your favorite fitness and wellness professionals on your list. From a Theragun to paper planners, we’ve covered everyone from business owners to front desk staff to instructors. Show your gratitude with a gift — or even treat yourself!

Close to your heart 

Your favorite fitness or wellness professional, no doubt, has a signature mantra or phrase they repeat often in classes or remind themselves before and after appointments. Help them keep it close to their hearts as a talisman of their intention. This beautiful charm necklace, available in both sterling silver and gold fill, is a one-of-a-kind gift — and you’re supporting a small business!

Give it now: Erica Sara Mantra Necklace, $62

Stay caffeinated

If you own a fitness studio or wellness venue, you’re likely a small operation and you’re wearing many hats. You wonder if you can create more hours in the day. Well, the bad news is that we can’t add more hours in the day (yet), but we can make it feel that way with some extra caffeine. A small espresso machine can help you get that much-needed jolt of Joe quickly, or you can even have it at your front desk for those morning warrior clients.

Give it now: Nespresso Essenza, $99

Try some CBD

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and wonder if it’s worth the hype. The good news is that the bioavailability, or the amount your body can take in, is higher in topical creams than in oral forms like capsules. Help them recover from the demands of busy season with this cream that gives them that sweet, sweet muscle relief.

Give it now: Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Cream, $35.99

Join the band

How can a small piece of elastic make a workout so hard? Resistance bands add to the time under tension, or how long muscles are strained, to kick your workout up a notch without adding heavy weights. Perfect for an on-the-go workout that you can do anywhere — hotel room, park, even on the beach!

Give it now: Perform Better Exercise Mini Band, $17.95

For big plans

Your studio manager or front desk employee is the one who keeps your venue running like a well-oiled machine day in and day out. We know they have systems upon systems digitally that help keep them organized, but we’re suckers for a good paper planner. Ban.do’s bright and whimsical ones are our favorites, bringing a smile to our faces even on the most stressful days. Use this to write down all your big plans.

Give it now: Ban.do Big Plans Annual Planner, $32

Delight your senses

If a scent has ever immediately brought you back to an old memory, you know how powerful the power of fragrance can be. If you’re pining for your hometown, this diffuser and its oils will take you back there with their local scents, such as a citrusy and ocean-scented oil if you hail from the coast. You can choose between standard or strong misting and the soft LED light soothes your eyes.

Give it now: Homesick Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser, $89.95

Fold it up

‘Tis the season for travel, and thanks to our library of on-demand videos, your favorite yogi can take their practice anywhere. But who wants to practice on a slippery floor or carpet? Did you know the average yoga mat weighs around four pounds? This foldable yoga mat is compact and weighs just a pound.

Give it now: Gaiam foldable yoga mat, $24.98

Power drill, but for your legs

If you follow any fitness fiend on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the Theragun pop-up. The device, which looks and sounds like a power drill, uses percussive therapy (also known as vibration therapy) to reduce muscle soreness. It works on your body using soft tissue manipulation, which is what a massage therapist does during a massage. Give this to your favorite recovery junkie fitpro who has to have the hottest tools to help with the toughest workouts. 

Give it now: Theragun Liv Essential, $199

Up our sleeve

If you want to be the MVP in your giftee’s life, invest in a pair of recovery boots. They work with compression therapy, increasing blood flow to parts of your body to speed up recovery. Typical sessions range from 20 to 60 minutes, and you’ll feel the boots inflate and deflate with varying levels of pressure up and down five zones on your legs. Want to try before you buy? Many of our ClassPass wellness partners offer sessions with the boots.

Give it now: Normatec Pulse 2.0 Recovery System, $1145

No matter the person — or the price point — there’s a gift for every fitness and wellness professional.