Infographics are a creative way to share health and fitness information through easily digestible visualizations. 

What can you share through infographics? Just about any type of information that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces. The best part about building your own infographics is that you can design graphics that align with your brand and use them as a marketing tool online, as part of your blog, on your social media pages and in your studio. 

The great news is that you don’t necessarily need to be a graphic designer to create an infographic. There are many tools out there that make designing easy for beginners. A great tool for designing your first infographic is Canva, where you will find many pre-made infographic templates that you can customize for your branding. You have the freedom to get creative with how you share studio information, health and wellness tips, fitness instructions or events and promotions. Read on for ways to use you infographics to your advantage.

Promote a new class or service 

Starting a new type of workout class or offering a brand new service? Create an infographic to explain the health benefits, the muscle groups used or how to prepare for this new workout. Visuals allow your clients to easily grasp why they should try a new exercise or make a new purchase that will benefit them. 

Here is an engaging infographic about  yoga that does a great job telling a colorful story about all the ways our body benefits from yoga, focusing on imagery around the human body.


Educate clients on a health topic

You can create infographics on any passion topic within the health and wellness industry.  Nutrition, diet, sleep, meditation and healthy mindset practices are all topics your target audience could be curious about. Instead of creating longer form reads you can educate through a birds-eye view visual which is easier for your clients to understand and remember the information.

Market your business as an expert in your field

Once you start sharing your knowledge on specific health topics, you can add infographics on your social media or blog posts to begin marketing your expertise. Pinterest is a very effective channel for marketing your infographics because it is a social search platform centered around visuals. You can create multiple Pinterest boards on specific topics and pin your infographics using keywords, allowing people to repin or visit your website. 

Design unique infographics made for sharing

People love to share useful information with their friends through social channels and helpful creative infographics can definitely go viral. If you share your infographic in a blog post or through your online marketing, make sure you have sharing buttons activated across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Build more branded content

Infographics are a form of branded marketing content that should include your personality, brand colors, fonts and logos. These brand materials can complement your marketing efforts online and offline, at marketing events as well as in your studio. 

Educate employees on a workflow or process

Infographics can also be used internally to help streamline employee workflows or clarify processes. These internal guides can be printed out and used at the front desk or posted in the staff room. Even if you have simple guidelines around customer service, creating a colorful infographic can make this information a lot easier for your employees to learn.

Create visual listicles for a new simple way of blogging

A listicle is an article made up of a series of examples, facts, tips, or quotations organized around a specific theme. You can break information apart into manageable chunks of 3-7 tips on a subject such as “7 Ways to Increase Productivity” and add design elements with an infographic.

Great examples of health and fitness infographics

The ABC’s of Living a Healthy Life – This creative infographic breaks down the concept of how to live a healthy life from A to Z in a very logical format. The visual icons and vivid colors make this infographic really stand out. Source:

12 SUP Yoga Poses to Try – This infographic was also shared in a blog post to introduce the readers to 12 stand up paddle boarding yoga poses to try. They used both photography and graphics together for a unique visual. The reader also has the option to read the longer-form blog post underneath the visual piece. Source:

Infographics are a creative way for you to promote health and fitness benefits, educate clients, and position yourself as an expert in your industry. Infographics are also a fun and unique way to build more branded content to market your business and increase brand awareness. For more branding and marketing tips, subscribe to After Class.