In the August 2019 edition of IHRSA’s magazine, Club Business International (CBI), ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman speaks about our business model and value proposition for partners.

The article highlights recent optimizations to the ClassPass platform which have helped us further align with studio and gym partners. 

“While [ClassPass] has always been focused on bringing new, variety-seeking audiences to fill excess capacity and generate increased earnings, the company has transitioned to a dynamic pricing model that enables partners to reach their profit potential,” the article explains.

“We’ve unlocked a unique business model that’s maximizing revenue for our partners and redefining the industry,” Lanman says. “In the meantime, we’re increasing our technology investments, expanding our footprint and outreach to corporate to corporate wellness. Most importantly, we’re hyper-focused on making sure the entire industry is properly educated on the value of ClassPass.”

From the new revenue-maximizing model, to developing unrivaled technology and expanding to global reach, check out the full article for further details about our growth path.

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