Social media offers endless opportunities for fitness inspiration, and Instagram is no exception. We’ve taken the liberty of pulling together a list of the fitness influencers that are dictating the course of the industry with each click of the “share” button.

Followers: 1.2 million

Already a fitness YouTube star in her own right, Ho went viral in 2012 with her “Call Me Maybe” Squat Challenge video that raked in more than 6 million views. Today her Instagram feed is a lovely mix of quickie workout videos, healthy eating tips and her fitness fashion picks. A true social media star, Ho’s voice is funny and empowering all at once.

Our Favorite Post: Ho’s post-workout groove session to Michael Jackson raked in more than 34,000 likesand showed everyone how to burn a few more calories while having fun. (Bonus points for an A+ moonwalk.)

Followers: 134,000

Launched into yogi fame when she starred in Equinox’s buzzy YouTube video (that garnered more than 10 million views) in 2011, Smyth’s Insta feed is chock full of fun yoga challenges, how-to videos shot all over the world and crazy acroyoga poses with her husband and kids.

Our Favorite Post: Nothing epitomizes Bryceyoga’s ethos more than this adorable family yogi post on Easter.

Followers: 745,000

Olympic downhill skier Vonn is currently training for the 2018 Olympics in Korea, and she offers her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her fitness routines on her Instagram feed. You can also expect lots of selfies, sneak peeks of her modeling gigs, puppy shots and beautifully-photographed skiing images.

Our Favorite Post: Workout shots like this one depicting Vonn’s uphill battle post-injury are the most-empowering, and rake in the most likes (this one: 37,600).

Followers: 491,000

Her celebrity devotees include Liv Tyler and Lily Aldridge, and she personally trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan, which are just a few of the reasons why Bowers is currently blowing up the classical dance world. A former member of the New York City Ballet, Bowers founded Ballet Beautiful in Manhattan, where she doles out elegant but rigorous ballet-focused workouts. Her Instagram presence is dominated by gorgeous images of ballet positions (think: lots of exquisite tutus), alongside some how-to videos and sweet shots of Bowers’ children.

Our Favorite Post: Bowers’ self-portrait on a Manhattan fire escape en pointe and in a tutu is the ballerina’s perfect mix of strength and beauty personified.

Followers: 23,700

Talk about inspiration: Karnazes has run 50 marathons in 50 states, and in February completed #runacrosshaiti (that’s 230 miles in 8 days). He uses the platform to share striking shots of his running adventures, mixed with empowering quotes.

Our Favorite Post: Choosing a favorite is hard when most of Karnazes’ posts feature out-of-this-world locales. Our top choice is an image of him running trails in his home town of San Francisco.

Followers: 142,000

A former Division 1 NCAA gymnast, Catanzaro is best known as “The Mighty Kacy,” a nickname she earned for being the first-ever female to qualify for TV show American Ninja Warrior’s finals. Currently training for the show’s eighth season, Cantanzano uses Instagram to show off her badass training videos and insider Ninja posts.

Our Favorite Post: Never watched ANW? This video of Cantanzano’s training will show you the essence of what the show demandsand how the pint-sized athlete meets the challenge.

Followers: 4,346

Looking for workouts perfect for soon-to-be or new mothers? Get inspired by Sara Haley. A former trainer who’s worked with brands like Reebok and celebs like Brooklyn Decker, Haley is now a pre- and post-natal fitness specialist, targeting that ever-growing sector of new mamas looking to lose the baby weight. You can expect great how-to videos (with cameos from Haley’s adorable kiddos), as well as photo stills of specific moves accompanied by detailed captions explaining exactly how to execute the positions.

Our Favorite Post: Haley’s four-square video demos are a smart and effective way to get more workouts in under Instagram’s strict timelines.

Followers: 2 million

If ever there was an Instagram fitness superstar, Arias—better known as “MankoFit”—is it. After beating depression, Arias made it her mission to help others both physically and emotionally through her daily workout videos (each of which is finished with a silly dance), healthy recipe ideas, exercise challenges and more.

Our Favorite Post: MankoFit redefines girl power in this video and accompanying caption.

Followers: 107,000

If you’re going to take pointers from someone, it might as well be Men’s Health fitness director Gaddor. Known for sharing (and breaking down) simple workout tutorials and healthy recipes, Gaddor is a stickler about proper form.

Our Favorite Post: Gaddor’s hotel room workout tutorial epitomizes the editor’s attention to detail and creativity.

Followers: 78,300

Formerly Madonna’s personal trainer and currently a brand ambassador for Stella McCartney’s Adidas line, the professional dancer brings a mix of fierce fashion and fun dance workout videos to her Instagram followers.

Our Favorite Post: On-point workout gear, a hair flip and Rihanna on the soundtrack? We’re in.