As fitness studio and gym owners, you are constantly striving to make a difference in clients’ lives. But it’s not all that crazy to think that you can also make the planet better and, in turn, decrease some of your operating costs. Seem like a dream? Well, it’s possible.

As a society, we’re cutting back on plastic straws, plastic bags and paper receipts. Why not adopt these practices at your studio — especially when it could potentially save you money? Check out these four ways to conserve energy and improve your bottom line.

Switch off the lights (or use the right bulbs)

Many people grew up with the “turn off the lights when you leave the room” rule and if you adhere to that rule at home, why wouldn’t you at work? Try switching off the lights in the middle of class as the pace picks up. Or, turn them off for the cooldown at the end. Clients won’t be thinking about the green benefits — they’ll be swept up in the moment and enjoying the change of scenery. Some fitness studios like Y7 in New York City have classes entirely in the dark, which allows clients to embrace the moment and connect with their workout.

If you’re apprehensive to turn off the lights, try compact fluorescent lights as a more energy-efficient alternative.

Go green inside and out

Take a note from Brooklyn’s Green Fitness: This studio is a completely eco-friendly fitness center thanks to bamboo floors, self-powered equipment, recycled rubber flooring and a living roof. The roof in particular requires less energy to cool the gym and conserves rainwater. Beyond the studio itself, Green Fitness conserves water in the bathrooms with dual flush toilets, low-flow faucets and low-flow shower heads. When combined, these appliances reportedly cut the studio’s water usage in half.

Take class outdoors

Paying for A/C in the summer (or year-round depending on where you’re located) is no joke. Instead of cranking up the air or relying on fans to do the work, take class outside when the weather is more moderate. Organize a weekly bootcamp class in the park to give your studio an hour break. Who knows, you might even find more clients attracted to the added benefit of getting a dose of Vitamin D during their workout.

Inspire clients to make a change

As you make eco-friendly changes in the studio, you can encourage clients to be more efficient too. Post helpful tips throughout the studio, such as “Just like at home, please use one towel per shower!” or “Remember to bring your reusable water bottle!” If they have questions or concerns, you can address them together. Lastly, it’s always great to ask for feedback — clients can be a helpful resource for finding and implementing new energy-saving policies.