First appearances count for a lot. Our first glimpse into the experience that we are about to have — whether that’s at a restaurant, a store or a boutique fitness studio — sets the tone.

Here at ClassPass, we hear a lot of feedback from our fitness fanatics, and we know what stands out to them as they enter a studio for the first time or for the hundredth. Ideally, the first impression when walking into a fitness studio should be clean, welcoming and organized. You want clients to feel that the level of care you take in the studio reflects the level of care you give to them.

If you think your front desk or lobby needs a bit of a spruce-up, we’ve got some budget-friendly and high-end fixes that will make a world of difference.



Organize Your Reception
Are there flyers and cards covering every inch of space? Is the area getting dusty? We know that running a studio day-to-day can be so challenging and busy that simple tasks, such as cleaning and organizing your front desk, can take a backseat. We promise that this simple — and free — daily routine will make a world of difference to your clients. Go from:



Fresh Flowers
Even a little glass jar with one flower can work! Flowers are known to evoke smiles. Studies have shown that flowers have positive long-term effects on moods and forge intimate connections. And they smell so sweet!

Tip: Dried lavender lasts for years, and there is no upkeep! Or go to your local flower district (New York City Flower Market (NYC), Halls Atlanta Wholesale Inc. (Atlanta), The Connection Wholesale Florist at The Flower Market in Dallas, etc.) and stock up on wholesale flower prices!

Hair Ties, Bobby Pins and Breath Mints
This may seem obvious, but we can’t tell you how many times these few small items have come in handy when entering or leaving a class. It’s a worthy investment into your client comfort and convenience. Take some small glass jars and load them up with these life savers!



New Reception Desk
If you have the means to splurge a bit, there are fantastic options available locally and online. From beautiful natural wood counters to a modern chair,  these purchases can make a huge difference in creating a more high-end space, no matter what type of studio you have.

Paintings, Photos, and Prints
Chose artwork that truly speaks to the vibe and energy of your studio. This is a great opportunity to be unique and have fun while still making your space appear professional.

Tip: Check out Baron Von Fancy’s Prints if you have some money to spend. He does punchy and poignant simple phrases, like this one seen below:


Merchandise/Product Display
Does your studio sell merchandise or beauty products? Are you thinking of carrying some? If so, play with different ways to display these items so they are visible to your customers while they are checking in. Always have everything hanging neatly (finger spaced hangers!), or folded beautifully in size order.

Tip: Check out Rakks ( They do affordable, custom retail displays!