• Dance Forever
    Dance, Livestream dance

    Dance Forever

    All About Dance, 501 West North Avenue, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Virtual Flash Dance + Tone

    Massive props to the teacher. It’s my first class from this studio and the teacher maintained such great energy for the full hour! The choreography was easy and got my heart rate up to 153 bpm this morning - first time in 7 months! I’m in Los Angeles so the 7am class may be a bit too early but I’ll try and check out the afternoon classes for a pick me up. Thank you!!
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    Dance Forever is a sanctuary-meets-club where adults come to dance for fitness, fun…
  • Lawndale Christian Fitness Center
    Dance, Gym Time, …

    Lawndale Christian Fitness Center

    3750 Ogden Ave, Chicago

    HIIT Kickboxing

    Awesome class!!! Loved the atmosphere and the instructor was great
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    Lawndale Christian Fitness Center promotes healthy living that encompasses more than…

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