• Yoloha Yoga
    Yoga, Outdoors

    Yoloha Yoga

    1738 Signal Point Rd., Charleston

    Slow Burn

    This space was very warm and welcoming. I have a personal attraction to cork because it feels very grounding like walking through a forest. It feels soothing to me and the acoustics of the room were so well rounded because it was covered in cork. All the small fidgets and shuffles that usually ring out in a normal studio were muffled by the embrace of the cork. Danielle provided a very rooted sequence - that still pushed the boundaries of balance and provided multiple opportunities for backbending. I had a great time flowing through choreography that allowed my body to build into peak forms of poses that were repeated. By the third warrior 3 my body felt like it was able to achieve its ultimate form of the pose after such a great work up into it with repetitive foundational movements. I enjoyed how the core work was dispersed throughout the flow without needing to be announced or attained through the general crunch/sit up/boat pose channels. The flow was accessibly but sophisticated. I had a lot of fun flipping upside down from various poses into back ends I wouldn’t have expected. Danielle had great deepening cues and provided us with expert level transitions that I haven’t encountered elsewhere. I loved that the room was warm but not an inferno. I throughly enjoyed this class because it gave me the workout of a power flow but allowed me to practice the patience of a hatha class intermittently with some fantastic long holds. Very fun and very healing. I absolutely recommend Danielle and this studio if you’re in town.
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    Yoloha studio was meticulously crafted to provide a full sensory experience for both…
  • The Salt Spa & Yoga

    The Salt Spa & Yoga

    483 King Street, Charleston
    Safety guidelines


    I really enjoyed the lighting in the space. Sounds redundant but I would have to note that the crystal salt lamp structures were fascinating for drishti’s. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered true flame candles in a studio. They were leaning up against a brick wall and it just felt so cozy and romantic. I genuinely felt relaxed and enticed practice and had a great proactive savasana. Casey knew how to deepen that pre practice moment by truly giving us the best verbal cues to tune in and drop out. Her instruction was precise and she gave a very fun take on sequencing through traditional poses. The class allowed accelerated yogis a chance to play deeply in advanced areas because we held each pose with ample breathing time individually prior to pushing through with a flow. Lots of Anjaneyasana but we were warned to grab a blanket - I love that consideration. Casey also asked for improvisational request from the class regarding what body parts we wanted focused on. She was a talented instructor and the class was fun.
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    Imagine a haven away from the stress of everyday life where you can relax in a soothing…
  • Yoga Daily
    Yoga, Stretching, …

    Yoga Daily

    1965 Riviera Dr. , Ste. 2A, Mount Pleasant

    Rise & Align - IN STUDIO

    Anna is amazing and I love starting my Saturday mornings off with this class!
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    Please arrive 10 minutes early!Yoga Daily's mission is to provide a warm, welcoming…
  • Yoga Den And Core Studio
    Yoga, Low-impact Training, …

    Yoga Den And Core Studio

    5401 Netherby LN 901, North Charleston
    Safety guidelines


    Very relaxing class, perfect way to start or finish the day. The instructor gave great variations making sure each participant was comfortable, will definitely be back! Thank you!
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    Experience yoga and Pilates at its best! Yoga Den offers yoga for all, including…
  • Hampton Park Healing Collective
    Meditation, Yoga

    Hampton Park Healing Collective

    67 Moultrie Street , Suite C, Charleston
    Safety guidelines

    Reiki Soundbath

    I would go here every day if I could! So happy to have discovered this place - truly wonderful and the location was beautiful. Will and Emily were so welcoming. Cannot wait to go back!
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    At Hampton Park Healing Collective, they welcome passionate practitioners and wellness…
  • House for Wellness
    Stretching, Strength Training, …

    House for Wellness

    769 Meeting Street, Charleston
    Safety guidelines

    Mobility Lower Body

    Rewarding, deep body work. The studio was cozy/clean and stocked with lots of unique props. Noel was knowledgeable and intentional with setting up postures. So glad I went, will be coming back.
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    The House for Wellness offers a variety of one on one services and group classes…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Low-impact Training, …

    CorePower Yoga

    1711 Shoremeade Road, Suite 130, Mount Pleasant

    YS - Yoga Sculpt

    I loved this class! Ashlynn was an excellent instructor! I really appreciated that she gave us a heads up of what to expect next. She also did a great job of keeping an energetic ~and~ kind vibe throughout class. Thank you for giving me the reset I needed after a stressful weekend! 🙏🏼✨🩵
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    Ready to sweat? CorePower Yoga’s unique and physically challenging styles of yoga…

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