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    Take 2 weeks — on us — to see if it’s for you
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    Monthly plans start at $15 and you can change your plan at any time
  • Add on to your plan — or roll over

    Credit packs help you build an even bigger plan, or roll over up to 10 credits/mo.

Every membership — even trials — includes:

  • Access to every top studio & gym
  • Roll over up to 10 credits
  • Over 5 million classes to choose from
  • Customized class recommendations
  • Instant (and unlimited) audio & video workout streaming
  • Friend referral bonuses, class invites and more
  • The option to work out in 2,500 cities around the world
  • Flexibility to change or cancel your plan at any time

What’s different about ClassPass

Instead of buying class packs at one studio or joining one gym, ClassPass gives you access to every top studio and gym with a one-of-a-kind credits system.
  • Every month, get credits to book classes

    Your monthly plan includes credits to use at any studio or gym, which means you can try as many studios as you like
  • Classes are worth different credit amounts

    Gym time shouldn’t cost as much as megaformer Pilates. Credits consider a class’ popularity, equipment and more
  • Build your best workout routine

    Maximize your monthly workouts with off-peak classes or local classes, or opt for top classes at peak times
  • Roll over credits — or add more

    Fitness should be flexible. Up to 10 credits roll over every month (so don’t sweat it) or add more when you need

Common Questions

  • When does my trial start?

  • What are class credits?

  • Why do you need my credit card information?

  • Does the trial auto-renew?

  • What is your cancellation policy, and how do I cancel?

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