Sphinx Pose

What is Sphinx Pose?

Sphinx Pose is a beginning backbend in yoga that helps open the chest, lungs and lower back. The exercise also strengthens the spine and buttocks and lengthens the abdominal muscles.

How do you do Sphinx Pose?

  • Step 1

    Begin flat on your stomach and walk your hands under your shoulders, keeping your elbows tight next to your ribs. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and open up through your collarbone. Press into your palms and the tops of your feet as you lift your chest up off the mat.

How do you modify Sphinx Pose?

  • Sphinx Pose for Beginners

  • Sphinx Pose for Weak Lower Back

  • Sphinx Pose for Weak Shoulders

What are the benefits of Sphinx Pose?

  • Flexibility

  • Chest Stretch

  • Back Strength

Expert opinion

This is an incredible pose to strengthen your back.
Diana Bozalis Rodgers,We Yogis in Dallas

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