One Legged Dog

What is One Legged Dog?

One Legged Dog is a variation of the Downward Dog yoga pose. The position strengthens the standing leg, increases the strength and flexibility of the shoulders and challenges your balance while opening the hips.

How do you do One Legged Dog?

  • Step 1

    Begin in Downward Dog pose with your hands and feet pressed firmly against the mat and your hips pressing upward.

  • Step 2

    Lead with the heel to lift one leg, keeping your foot flexed. Kick back as if you’re stamping the lifted leg to the wall behind you. Only lift your leg to hip-height, making sure your hips and shoulders stay square to the top of your mat. Hold your pose, lower your leg and repeat.

How do you modify One Legged Dog?

  • One Legged Dog for Beginners

  • Advanced One Legged Dog

  • One Legged Dog for Weak Knees

  • One Legged Dog for Weak Wrists

What are the benefits of One Legged Dog?

  • Arm Strength

  • Leg Stretch

  • Core Strength

Expert opinion

This is the starting pose for so many postures.

Try not to drive by it and really ignite the lifted leg, keeping hips squared.

Diana Bozalis Rodgers,We Yogis in Dallas

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