Brawl at The Barre Code

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The Barre Code and were last updated on 7/2/21.

Ventilation system

We have installed new air purification systems used by NASA that has been proven to kill surface and air germs, bacteria, and other pathogens including COVID - 19.

Extra sanitation

To ensure all props, the mats, and the barre are cleaned and sanitized, please follow the signs in studio to in regards to where to place your props after class.

Contactless check-in

Be sure to check in on the app or stop at the desk to check in.

Equipment policies

All props will be placed at your spot at the barre.

Mon, Oct 25
There are no reservations available Today, Oct 25.
Monday, November 1
50 min

Kylie Seltzer

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