Ryde & Row at Endorphin

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Endorphin and were last updated on 3/1/21.

Social distancing measures

All students will be spaced at least 6ft apart.

Extra sanitation

Extra time will be provided between classes to allow for thorough sanitation of all equipment and surfaces. Staff will disinfect all common/high-touch surfaces before and after every class. Sanitation spray and hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the studios.

Limited capacity

Classes are limited to capacity determined by the current county dial level.

Contactless check-in

Your instructor will check you in.

Mon, Oct 25
There are no reservations available Today, Oct 25.
Wednesday, October 27
60 min

Scott Noble
Saturday, October 30
60 min

Nicole Milstein
Wednesday, November 3
60 min

Scott Noble
Saturday, November 6
60 min

Nicole Milstein

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