Want to Write For The Warm Up? Here’s How

At ClassPass, we’re all about living a healthy and active lifestyle, whatever shape that takes.

And The Warm Up is the place to go for the information and conversations that encourage just that.  We’re creating a platform for our community to connect, for information to be shared and ideas exchanged.

So we’re looking for passionate and positive people to go beyond studio reviews and inspire and engage our audiences. 

So, want to pitch to write for ClassPass? Here’s what we look for:

1. Tone: The tone of our blog is encouraging, inspiring, helpful, friendly and positive. 

2. Pitching: When you’re ready to submit a pitch (not a completed story), please send it to our Content Manager, Amanda DiAntonio.

3. What we like. We are looking for articles that are rich with helpful, inspiring information, and that help encourage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From wellness and happiness to fashion and nutrition, we’re open to all story ideas. We would love to hear about your unique experience using ClassPass and what special voice you can bring to our blog. We’re not currently looking for class reviews. At this time, we’re unable to offer monetary compensation or free membership to writers. However, we’re more than happy to link to your blog, website and/or social accounts. 

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