Places to Shop in Huntington Beach, CA

Need something to wear to class?
Here are some of our favorite places in Huntington Beach.

1. Lorna Jane Active Living

7777 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
High-performance and stylish activewear for any kind of activity.

2. Stein Mart

19041 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Discount department store with a wide offering of inexpensive activewear.

3. Old Navy

7777 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
American clothing store with a wide range of affordable women’s activewear.

4. Forever21

155 5th St., D-100
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Chain retailer offering fast-fashion activewear.

5. Tommy Bahama

21028 Pacific Coast Hwy. E110
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Sportswear company selling activewear, swimsuits and more.


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