Workout Motivation Tips

There are plenty of reasons to slack off during class. You’re tired. Feeling stressed. Not loving the playlist. Having some simple motivation boosters on hand can help you break through that invisible wall. Next time you’re ready to call it quits, try one of these tricks. Some are out there, others are just downright silly. But all of them will help you go higher, faster and longer than ever before.

How to motivate yourself to workout

Shock yourself

A little negative reinforcement can go a long way to help you form better habits and work harder to achieve your goals. If you struggle with self discipline, there is a device that literally jolts you into action. The Pavlok Wristband is a new tracking band that delivers a small electric shock every time a fitness goal is not met. If you don’t want to spend $199 – just pinch yourself lightly when you feel like you’re slacking in class. 

Roll it out

Sore muscles are a legitimate reason not to overdo it. Taking a few minutes before class to relieve tightness will ensure that you don’t let muscle pain stand in your way. A foam roller is an affordable tool to address achy body parts. When you hit a tight spot, roll onto it and hold for 30 seconds. You’ll instantly notice a difference in the way your body feels and be able to get through that challenging set.  

Set micro-goals in addition to macro-goals

Sometimes setting goals that are too lofty (think: I’ll cut sweets entirely out of my diet) can work against you. The same logic applies to your performance in class. Have you ever stumbled through the choreography at boxing and wanted to quit? Don’t try to tackle the routine all at once. Instead, focus on mastering one move per week. It’s usually the quickest way to get  through the entire routine. Each move will get easier as a result of your dedication and you’ll be more motivated to keep at it.

Wear something new

No matter how often you get to class, there will always be someone fitter than you. If you’ve hit a plateau, seeing someone with rock hard abs on the bike next to you is as likely to discourage as to inspire. A new pair of leggings or colorful workout tank could be just what you need to remember the progress you already have made. Choose an outfit that highlights the body parts you’re proud of and claim a spot in the front of the room near a mirror so that you can admire your best assets.

Schedule a class & claim the first row

Being in the front row has several benefits. For starters, you’re more likely to put in more effort when all eyes are on you. You’ll also get more attention from the instructor. And if you can’t get your mind off of that stressful meeting you had earlier in the day or all of the emails waiting for you after class, snagging a spot in the front of the room will help you stay in the moment.

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