You Need to Add These Post-Workout Wipes to Your Gym Bag ASAP

You know the story: You squeeze in a workout before brunch with the intention to shower afterward, but post-class you discover that the shower line is eight people deep and your friends are already waiting for you. You’re left with two choices: 1) You nix the idea of showering altogether and arrive with a “sweaty glow.” 2) You wait it out and arrive “fashionably late.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

One of the most challenging aspects of working out is ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt your day—and we all know that gross B.O. and frantic post-workout showers do just that. Enter RECESS, the new clean beauty brand that is solving our workout woes. Within minutes—seconds, rather—you can refresh your body with RECESS cleansing wipes, deodorant wipes and hair-blotting sheets after the sweatiest of workouts—no shower necessary.

The goal is simple: You can stay clean (and smell it, too) without wasting your precious time.

And I discovered this firsthand. On my good days, I make it to a workout class before I head to the office. But for every good day, there’s a lazy day when I hit snooze and opt to exercise after work instead. Here’s the problem: Oftentimes, I cram in a million activities after work—errands, dinner dates, drinks and more. There’s nothing worse than feeling gross when you’re meeting up with someone after you get your sweat on. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve regretted skipping my post-workout shower as I catch a whiff halfway through dinner. Hey, we’re all human!

The Products

RECESS products—FACE 101, BODY 101 and HAIR 101—make me feel, look and smell better without sacrificing my time or energy. If it sounds like a dream, that’s because it basically is. As someone who suffers from sensitive skin, it’s refreshing to find a product that nourishes with natural ingredients like tea tree, chamomile and eucalyptus. Word to the wise: Stash a few spare wipes (they’re individually packaged!) in every nook and cranny you can think of, including your work desk, purse and gym bag. The more, the merrier.

Our mission as a brand is to make it easier to do the things you love,” Jackie Stauffer, founder of RECESS Beauty told ClassPass. “We want to make products that help you fit in those extra activities—playing with your kid in the park before an event, yoga class before a date or just freshening up those in-between moments when you don’t have the extra time to shower or clean up at a sink.” The best part according to Stauffer? You don’t even need a mirror to use these gender-neutral products, redefining the idea of grab-and-go products.

Although the products were created with exercise in mind (Stauffer is a fellow fitness buff!), they can be used for pretty much anything, especially travel, hectic work days and even sweltering summer days. Beyond the sleek packaging and beachy fragrances, RECESS also focuses on the ingredients that help clean and deodorize. “Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caffeine and green apple extract are ingredients you’d usually find in a full-sized luxury skincare product, but we use those in our wipes to impart benefits, not just efficacy,” she said. Yes and yes.

Despite launching in early May, RECESS already has a few products to its name. Stauffer says her favorite is BODY 101: Deodorant Wipes. (Ditto.) “They smell like the beach (verbena and coconut to be exact), clean the body and are aluminum-free!” She also hints that there are more exciting products launching later this summer.

*We’re ready and waiting.*

Amanda Garrity is a commerce editor and content producer living in New York City. She finds every excuse to go on an adventure, whether it's in her own backyard or across the country. She enjoys hiking, pretending she's a prima ballerina and drinking an abundant amount of coffee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.