4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Wellness Bracelet

Question one: what are they?

While shopping for fitness gear, you may have stumbled across a seemingly simple yet totally confusing product known as a wellness bracelet and wondered, “What the heck does it do?” In general, these products claim to boost your overall wellbeing some by providing energy and/or balance.

The bottom line is that there is some truth to their health-boosting abilities. Although they go by different names, from negative ion wristbands to clarity bracelets, most of them involve a negative ion material like minerals, magnets or a combination of the two.

To help you choose the right bracelet, we asked Ashley Matejka, certified health coach, yoga instructor, yoga nidra facilitator and personal trainer, to share the questions you should ask yourself before making your purchase.

1. What is the bracelet intended for?

“Ask yourself why you are purchasing a wellness bracelet in the first place—to increase athletic performance, boost your health, reduce your risk of injury? There are dozens of different purposes out there, so it’s important to know ahead of time what you’re trying to accomplish by wearing your wellness bracelet. Chakra bracelets are said to balance the chakras or spiritual energy system throughout the body, magnetic bracelets are said to reduce pain and treat ailments in various parts of the body, and mindfulness bracelets serve as a constant and tangible reminder.”

2. What type of material is it made from?

“Chakra bracelets are made of gemstone beads—each chakra is represented by a different gemstone with a distinct color. Magnetic bracelets contain powerful magnets made of pure metal or alloys (mixtures of metals or of metals with nonmetals). Some of these bracelets are made solely from magnets, while others include magnets into designs using silicone, leather or nylon. Mindfulness bracelets can be designed with a variety of materials from fabric to metal.”

3. How is the bracelet made?

“It is important to consider how the wellness bracelet affects the environment and the people who make it. Purchase wellness bracelets designed with eco-friendly, ethically-sourced materials. It’s great to be able to support local businesses that provide desirable working conditions with your purchase of a wellness bracelet.”

4. Will my purchase support a cause?

“Running a business can be about more than just generating profits. Purchase from companies that help society. Businesses do this in a variety of ways, including but not limited to a one-for-one model or by donating a portion of their net profits to philanthropic organizations.”

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