10 Summer Wellness Tips From the ClassPass + Care/of Founders

Have you heard? ClassPass and Care/of have teamed up to create custom vitamin packs made just for you. To celebrate this partnership and the importance of self-care, we asked our founders, Payal Kadakia of ClassPass and Craig Elbert of Care/of, to share their top summer wellness tips. Here’s their advice for staying healthy and happy this time of year.

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From Payal ☀

  1. HIIT workouts are a great way to burn calories and build muscle. I always try to incorporate HIIT workouts into my routine, but especially in the summer. I also enjoy them because there’s a ton of variety in this type of exercise.
  2. I love to trade in the car for a run whenever possible. When I’m traveling, I love to run outside. It’s a great way to sightsee and really take in your surroundings — plus you’re getting a great cardiovascular workout.
  3. I am a big believer in trying new things and summer is the perfect time to do just that. I love exploring new studios and classes that I’ve never tried before (like yoga on paddleboards). Learning something new also makes the summer more memorable.
  4. It’s easy to throw your schedule out the window once the warm weather comes around so I make it a point to book my weekly classes ahead of time when I can. It keeps me accountable even when I’m tempted to head to the beach. Just remind yourself, the beach will still be there after your workout.
  5. In the summer, I try to cut down on salt whenever I can. Salt retains water in the body and can make you look and feel bloated. If you do want to use salt, use it sparingly and go with pink Himalayan sea salt instead, which has a lot of good-for-you minerals and nutrients.

From Craig ☀

  1. Some of our favorite antioxidants, like astaxanthin, actually boost your skin cells and help you maintain healthy skin. You should still use sunscreen every day, but they do give you an extra line of defense for long-term skin health during sunny summer days.
  2. It can be easy to forget the requisite 8 glasses of water per day, but when the temperatures rise it’s even more important to get that H2O. We like to stock up on healthy drinks like coconut water and hydrating fruits like cucumber and watermelon at Care/of HQ.
  3. Between barbecues and grabbing ice cream with my son (not to mention summer happy hours with the team), my summer diet isn’t exactly gut-friendly. Taking a daily probiotic helps support your digestive health and can give your immune system a boost, too.
  4. Whether it’s the heat or our hectic summer schedule, energy boosts become top of mind. I like taking Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb that promotes mental energy and focus, and making ginger juice shots.
  5. Living in New York, it’s easy not to get enough vitamin D in the cold, dark months (our bodies actually synthesize vitamin D from the sun). To make up for it, I like to take calls or meetings outside during the summer to soak up some natural vitamin D.

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