6 of the World’s Most Colorful Cities to Visit

This article was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that members in many countries are currently staying close to home, and we look forward to helping people to workout and enjoy wellness experiences around the world once they feel safe and comfortable to resume travel.

If you’re someone who has a passion for travel, you probably have a long bucket list of places you’d love to visit during your lifetime. But where to begin? How do you dwindle down a long list of places to see in a handful of decades? Luckily it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to jet around the world. So the tough part is really just choosing your destination. One way to narrow your search is to consider color. Some cities are known for the vibrant colors that emanate from every corner — it’s another way of expressing culture.

To help you see some of these bright and beautiful sights, we’re sharing six of the most colorful cities in the world that are absolutely worth visiting at least once.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

This capital city located on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager is known for its colorful harbor and canal. Each townhouse is a different shade of blue, yellow, green, white, red or orange, which makes it one of the most colorful cities you’ll ever see. But that’s not its only allure. This is one city where you’ll likely spot more bikes and boats than you will cars (a nice change if you’re coming from a bustling city). There are even highways for bikes! On your list of things to do, be sure to visit the Tivoli Gardens, a 19th-century amusement park that’s just as colorful as the city it sits in. Also take a selfie with “The Little Mermaid,” the iconic bronze mermaid statue based on the character from H.C. Andersen’s fairytale (and later Disney movie).

2. Willemstad, Curaçao

Another capital city, Willemstad is located in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. This beautiful destination is trademarked with ornate pastel-hued townhouses along the water. It’s a small city, with an estimated population of just 150,000 people, but it’s absolutely worth visiting since there’s so much to see and do. On the list of to-dos, don’t miss the Queen Emma Bridge, a  floating landmark in the city center that was built in 1888. It opens laterally for passing ships, but mainly serves the purpose of being a footbridge for pedestrians. Activity-seekers will love the ABC Islands, full of snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing opportunities.

3. Burano Island, Italy

While Venice is undoubtedly one of the most famous islands in Italy, there are plenty of others that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of those is Burano, which is actually just outside of the Venice Marco Polo Airport. It’s known for its brightly-colored townhouses and seafood-oriented restaurants. Like Venice, it is surrounded by water and is home to several craft attractions, such as lume glass working. One of the biggest attractions on this tiny island is the Lace Museum which traces the history of lace and the island itself back to the1500s.

4. Trinidad, Cuba

Not to be confused with the island of Trinidad and Tobago, this colorful town is located in central Cuba. It’s best known for its cobblestone streets, rolling mountains in the distance and bright blue skies. The small, thatch-roofed houses that line the streets of Trinidad are as colorful as can be — often in blues, yellows, whites and reds. Visit the Plaza Mayor, a historical park with plenty of artwork, Palacio Cantero, a 19th-century colonial home that is now a fully functioning museum, Palacio Brunet (also a museum) and stunning churches that line almost every block.

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This cosmopolitan city is the capital of Argentina and is known for its bustling population and eclectic culture. It also happens to be one of the most colorful and historic cities in South America. Visit La Boca, a working-class area that’s full of colorful homes and building structures. Street artists surround the area and have painted the district with bright hues, making it a work of art all on its own. Also visit Casa Rosada, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. It has a stunning pink hue and green roof worth admiring. Other must-sees include Obelisco de Buenos Aires, La Recoleta Cemetery, Parque Tres de Febrero and Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral.

6. Jaipur, India

The capital of India’s Rajasthan state and the largest city in Northern India will undoubtedly be one of the most unique and stunning cities you’ll ever visit. It’s home to gorgeous palaces, courtyards, gardens, museums and fascinatingly colorful buildings. Visit Amer Fort, a 16th-century hilltop fortress that offers elephant rides, Hawa Mahal, a pink and red sandstone palace where royal ladies once watched street festivities, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and much more. A piece of advice: You might need a whole week to tackle this vibrant city!

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