Travel Essentials for the Active Honeymooner

Congratulations! You survived wedding planning and officially walked down the aisle as a newly married couple. Now it’s time for the best part, where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. But before head off to your romantic destination of choice, you may want to consider what you’ll need to pack. If you and your partner are the adventurous types, you’ll need more than the basics. Here are some of the top items adrenaline-seeking honeymooners should pack.

His-and-hers earphones

What’s a plane ride without some catchy tunes? Instead of sharing one set of earphones, try LoveBuds. These custom earphones come with separate in-ear headphones that you can share with your partner in crime – no splitters needed. It’s perfect for everything from plane or train rides, boating or even ATV trips. The only thing left to decide is what type of music to listen to!

Buy it now:, $35

Wireless earbuds

when you’re hiking, running, kayaking or doing more intense physical activity, you’ll want your own pair of earbuds for sure, but for safety and convenience, it’s best to get a wireless pair. Coby offers an affordable selection of buds that have superior audio performance and are also sweat resistant. You won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires while you’re exercising and exploring and can listen to your favorite tunes on the go!

Buy it now:, $40

A handy tote

Of course you’ll take one of your more stylish bags, but you’ll also want to make something more sensible that’s the right size to hold all your items. The GoCaddy® offers just that—hands-free travel all while conveniently storing your water bottle, keys, cards, phone, glasses and on-the-go snacks. It’s ideal for everything from hiking to exploring the sites and more.

Buy it now:, $20

Smartphone battery case

Smartphones are great, but anyone who owns one knows their batteries are sub-par. While it doesn’t look like cell phone brands are coming up with long-lasting batteries in regular phones anytime soon, there are tons of external batteries on the market. Instead of opting for one that you have to plug your device into, a more convenient option is to splurge for a battery case that charges your phone as you go. Apple’s Smart Battery Case offers a silky-soft, silicone exterior that’s easy to grip and an increase talk time of up to 25 hours!

Buy it now:, $130

Fog-free snow goggles

If you’re honeymooning in the winter—or in cold climates—you’ll want to pack some quality goggles for all of your outdoor adventures. The first thing to check when purchasing top-notch eye protectors is that they are fog-free. There’s nothing worse than skiing down a mountain or hiking up a trail and having to take off your goggles and windshield-wiper with your hands every five minutes. Abom’s goggles are powered by a small lithium-ion battery that’s built into the construction. The groundbreaking technology ensures you’ll never have cloudy vision.

Buy it now:, $290

Transportable tent

Whether you’re beachside, lakeside, mountainside or exploring the desert, all active honeymooners can benefit from a portable tent—especially one that’s lightweight, water-resistant and can stand up to wind. Neso Tents weigh just 4 pounds and come inside a shoulder carrying bag that’s small enough to pack in a carry-on suitcase (with room to spare). They’re made from a high-quality, lycra-blend material that, not only blocks out water, but 98 percent of UV radiation.

Buy it now:, $95

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