7 Flattering Fitness Shorts For Every Summer Activity

The warmer weather means you can finally give your long leggings a well-deserved break—at least until the fall—and swap in some comfortable fitness shorts that won’t hold you back physically or make you feel self-conscious. We browsed the web for the best bottoms for all of your go-to summer activities. So whether you’re a boxing buff or a hot yoga junkie, you can find something you’ll love to wear.

Hot yoga

When you’re working out in a room that’s usually heated to somewhere between 95 and 100 degrees, the last thing you want to be wearing is extra clothing. But finding yoga-approved shorts that won’t make you feel self-conscious mid-downward dog can be tricky. You need a pair that’s not only supportive, but one that stays with your body as you move.  
Buy it now: Lululemon In Movement Short Everlux 2.5″, $48

Afternoon run

Engineered in a lightweight, breathable and woven mesh fabric, you won’t feel held back as you take your strides when wearing this pair of retro-inspired running shorts. Its smooth waistband ensures comfort! 
Buy it now: Athleta Mesh Racer Run Show, $28-50

Spin and barre

Skip the loose and flowy shorts in favor of a more fitted, or “hugged,” sensation. This pair from athleisure giant Lululemon keeps you feeling covered and secure during each gear change and sprint. It’s drawcord and waistband stay put as you move, so you don’t have to keep readjusting yourself mid-workout. The mesh fabric keeps you ventilated and the back pocket can store any essentials you may be carrying.
Buy it now: Lululemon Train Times Short, $58


You deserve all the support and freedom of motion you need to jab, cross and hook your way to a boxing victory. The internal, chafe-free compression brief eases muscle stiffness (something newbies will appreciate), while the outer short allows you to move freely. Added bonus: It’s made with an antimicrobial finish to prevent odor buildup.
Buy it now: Reebok Combat Kickboxing Short, $46

Picnic in the park

These chambray shorts will keep you cool and stylish when you’re out and about this summer—whether it’s a poolside picnic or an outdoor barbecue. You can move around freely thanks to its breathable and lightweight material, and the adjustable front-tie bow lets you switch up the fit to your liking. Pair with a basic white T or a cute crop top.
Buy it now: Cabo Linen 4″ Short, $59

Dance cardio

When you’re moving and grooving, whether it’s to salsa music or hip-hop, the last thing you want is to worry that you’re giving a peep show with those high kicks. With all that movement you need something comfortable and protective like this tight-fit, polyester- and spandex-made short. It has a banded waist for flexibility and two mesh patch pockets to store your stuff.
Buy it now: Athleta Barre 2.5″ Short in Powervita, $23-$49


You’ll feel like Serena Williams in this throw-on-and-go skort. Not only is it full coverage, but it features a waistband pocket to hold all your belongings when you’re on the go. It comes in both black and blue shades so you can mix and match with almost anything in your closet.
Buy it now: Hudson Skirt, $55

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