The fitness community is no longer a niche section of society. As concerns around health and wellness have expanded to touch on every aspect of daily life, people have zeroed in on fitness to improve their physiques and their lives. Tons of people have adopted fitness regiments, and more sign on to the lifestyle every day. You can tap into this community by opening your doors to “variety-seekers” – drop-in customers looking for a fun, convenient and unique way to get and stay in shape. 

ClassPass is helping to grow the overall pool of fitness and wellness enthusiasts. From newcomers looking for a solid foundation to seasoned exercisers looking for something new, variety-seekers bring a whole new subset of consumers to your studio. With an open mind – and open classes – you can improve your studio, challenge your instructors and prosper financially from this new breed of fitness-seeker. 

Fill class rosters

Full classes help you maximize your resources and achieve positive cash flow, but enrolling enough students isn’t always easy. Your 6 p.m. classes will max out quickly, but if your schedule runs from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., you’re likely to have some pre-dawn and midday sessions that always run with open spots. That’s where drop-in customers show their true value. The varied user base can help you fill up spots in your less popular time slots and even help you fill out beginner-level classes that your members might have graduated out of.

Achieve incremental revenue

With fuller classes comes increased revenue — after all, you get paid for every spot you fill. You might see an influx of membership dues around the New Year and perhaps a peak in the months leading up to summer, but how will you guarantee cash flow in the less predictable months? By catering to variety-seeking, single class users, you can boost your revenue consistently throughout the year, even in off-peak months when your core members might start falling off the bandwagon.

Develop your instructors

Your instructors are an essential part of your service, acting as teachers, coaches and salespeople. Therefore it’s wise to invest in your instructors, reviewing their performance and training them regularly. Think of variety-seeking customers as a unique training opportunity.

They can arrive at your studio at any fitness level and with a variety of learning styles, encouraging your instructors to engage new audiences and adapt their teaching style to serve every customer. A good instructor can cater to each and every member of the fitness community, so it’s important to expose them to all types of fitness-seekers.

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Invigorate your studio environment

The feel of your studio is built around your staff, your members and your classes. But after running the same classes, with the same instructional routine, taken by the same members, your studio environment can start to feel a bit stale. New drop-ins shake things up, energizing your instructors with new teaching challenges and revitalizing members with a new class flow.

While the main function of any studio is fitness, many also serve as an important gathering place to meet like-minded individuals, learn from one another and have fun. With the addition of variety-seeking customers, you’ll encourage more fitness styles and abilities, making a diverse environment that everyone can benefit from.

Get valuable feedback

A growth mindset is the key to business success, and that doesn’t just mean revenue growth. One of the best ways to discover growth opportunities for your business is through honest feedback from your customers — ClassPass users rate and review each class attended. The fitness community is built around discovery and exploration, so you can bet many drop-in customers have experienced a variety of fitness genres, studios, instructors and class styles. They’re a hidden resource for first-hand insight into the industry and your business.

Strike up a conversation with a new user and you might be surprised to learn they’ve taken a class at every studio within a square mile of your studio, meaning they have a wealth of information on your local competition. If you listen closely, your relationship with single class clients will pay dividends.

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