As we all know, each new year inspires individuals to set sights on new health goals and priorities.  Now more than ever, the workout-curious crowd is making the jump and trying out boutique fitness. As the wellness and fitness industry grows, more prospective fitness enthusiasts are stepping foot into studios for the first time.

Catering to these newbies only stands to increase your studio’s reach and relevance. Read on for ways to attract and delight users who are brand new to the fitness world.

Give them a place to start 

Trying something new can be overwhelming and intimidating; if you know you’ll be welcoming newbies to class, create offerings that are meant specifically for those without experience. Alleviate the ‘scare’ factor by offering a suggested path for getting started at your studio. Try creating a foundation session to teach form and offer small-group coaching, or setting pre-requisites so students have an idea about the learning curve. Make sure any beginner classes are clearly labeled on your schedule for maximum clarity.

Take the guesswork out of the experience

While it may seem like added time and effort upfront, welcoming those users brand new to the fitness industry may be the ones who find the most value in your studio’s offerings.  Connect with those individuals by focusing on a clear narrative that explains what your facility offers, why and how. Help potential customers understand what they can expect when they visit.  Clear messaging will eliminate a lot of guesswork for those who have never participated in the programs you offer and will help create accurate expectations regarding their experience. Provide clear explanations through class descriptions, preparation notes, items to bring, on-site facilities available for use, as well as answers to FAQs. The more prepared they feel, the more at ease and confident the newbies will be at your studio.  Incorporate this approach across all your messaging from your website to your apps.

Continue to connect

Your relationship with this group of individuals doesn’t end when they sign up for a class, it’s only the beginning!  Help them feel important and remembered by following up throughout their first couple of classes and sessions. Check in and see how their experience has been and how it can be improved, if possible. Encourage feedback and incorporate incentives for engagement — and perhaps most importantly, ensure you’re taking their insights on board.  Another way to continue communication is through newsletters and/or blogs that highlight tips, announcements, promotions, studio challenges, giveaways, etc.

Your loyal, regular users already know and love your studio, brand and unique offering. Catering to visitors who are new to boutique fitness can boost your overall studio traffic and show you another perspective — with new and useful feedback. Help new patrons become actively engaged with your fitness facility by making the introduction process clear, helpful, valuable, easy, and fun! As methods for achieving a more personalized fitness experience evolve, the key to increasing traffic at your gym or studio is simple: focus on those who show interest in engaging with you.