Users frequent their favorite fitness studios for different reasons. Some focus on the level of difficulty, others care about the instructors. And for a some class-goers, it’s all about the amenities. The promise of a steamy, post-sweat session sauna or the motivation that a well-stocked shower provides can serve as inspiration for that last round of burpees.

While top-of-the-line amenities offer a clear benefit for clients, they can become a significant investment for studios. According to the studio owners of Humming Puppy and Good Vibes Yoga, the pros (returning, happy clients) outweigh the cons (extra expenses).

Offer extras to help those on the go

Humming Puppy in New York City aims to please their busiest clients. “I think students these days want studios with amenities because of their busy lifestyles and they appreciate the convenience and ease of being able to attend a studio that supports their busy schedules,” says co-founder Jackie Alexander. They show their support by stocking showers with all the necessities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair ties, shower caps, bath towels, hair dryers and straighteners. On top of that, students can borrow a yoga mat free of charge, which means they won’t have to lug their mat to and from the office. “This means students can travel light and leave even lighter.”

Even though it’s extra upkeep on their part, Alexander says it’s totally worth it. Taking a warm shower after a challenging yoga class makes students feel like they’re treating themselves — not just exercising. This experience — the one out of class — allows students to fully switch off and focus on taking care of themselves.

Use amenities to make your mark

At Australia’s Good Vibes Yoga, users are treated to free Manduka yoga mat rentals,  filtered water, cold brew coffee and herbal tea, which complement the studio’s zen vibe. “These amenities are key in setting us apart from other studios and creating the space that we envisioned,”says founder Kirra Jamison. They do cost extra and take time to maintain, but many studios pride themselves on these personal details.

What’s the verdict?

Thoughtful, luxe amenities can give businesses a leg up on the competition, solidify a studio’s brand and elevate a user’s experience. While a rainfall shower head won’t make or break a studio, adding amenities is a great idea if you can foot the extra expense.