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When running a busy studio or gym, it can be a great revenue driver to offer food and beverage at your facility for clients who are dashing between a workout and the office, school, or home. Whether you offer a full-service smoothie or coffee bar, or simply just a mini-fridge with select refreshments to choose from, it’s important to stay on top of the latest beverage trends in the wellness space. Culling data from Google search trends, Welltodo recently shared findings that show how, in addition to the average consumer’s tastes becoming more adventurous, consumers are placing more importance on the processes behind the drinks they purchase.

Read on to discover the three beverage trends that are worth watching.

Process Becomes Primary

Driven by consumer attitudes towards health, taste, and connoisseurship, beverages that have been crafted by specific processes have surged in popularity.

Heading the revolution, ‘cold brew coffee’, which uses the cold brew process of brewing a beverage using room-temperature or cold water, is the most prominent in the US, with the trend gaining momentum in both Spain and Mexico.

According to the report, consumers main reason for opting for the beverage rests largely on their view that the process enhances ‘the flavour of coffee by making it less bitter, less acidic, and more chocolatey and sweet’.

However, the DIY nature of making cold brew at home is also shown to play a role, with data showing a spike in searches related to at-home brewing in the evening.

Earthy Flavours

Thanks in part to the popularity of functional foods and education surrounding their health benefits, consumers have become more adventurous when it comes to trying new flavors.

In the beverage category, Google identified searches for flavors associated with plants and herbs as seeing the strongest growth. Matcha has gained traction across all four markets, with the volume of search queries for matcha-based drinks having grown by 64 percent year on year –– its health benefits and creamy texture have helped to boost its popularity, according to the report.

However, Kombucha remained king in the UK and US, boasting the highest volume of searches for earthy flavoured drinks.

Kombucha remained king in the UK and US.

And when it comes to the coming years? Google predicts that dandelion, turmeric, chamomile, and parsley are the flavors to keep an eye on.

Premium Water

Consumers want their water to be more  ‘accessible, convenient, and enjoyable’ according to Google, with enhanced products and packaging coming out on top.

The most popular searches related to enhancing water by boosting alkalinity or using premium water bottles, while delivery service searches also gained traction.

Consumers also showed a heightened interest in sparkling water, with the carbonated beverage continuing to enjoy growth in the UK and US, as well as Spain and Mexico which have recently jumped on board.