Author bio: NiceBrow tailors its services to the busy individuals who want to save time and money while also looking stunning day and night. As a leader in the permanent makeup and skincare industry, NiceBrow constantly updates its offering with the latest global trends. 

As safety and cleanliness become increasingly important for businesses, we want to make sure that our partners get the resources and information they need for reopening. 

NiceBrow is a microblading and skincare center located in NYC. Safety and customer satisfaction have always been the twin pillars of their company. Amidst COVID-19, NiceBrow was forced to take those twin pillars and apply them to their reopening strategy. NiceBrow shares their reopening strategy below.

Step 1:
Establish Your Wellness & Beauty Reopening Strategy Checklist

The new reality of any reopening strategy begins with the safety of the staff and customers, and the cleanliness of your establishment. Your reopening plan needs to be: 
Easy to implement so that staff can ramp up quickly
Easy to understand so customers can follow your new rules
Easy to revise based on updated facts and local government guidelines related to COVID-19

As you craft this reopening plan, communication is key. Customers want to know how you are responding to the pandemic. Show customers that you’ve instilled new standards and measures thoughtfully, and communicate this clearly. 

When creating and updating your plan, it is important to reference as many resources as possible. Government and third-party articles can be great resources for guidelines and rules to abide by as you think about reopening your studio. Some resources we have turned to include: 
World Health Organization (“WHO”)
Center for Disease Control & Prevention (“CDC”)
– Local governments
– Reputable businesses in the salon and spa industry 

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Step 2:
Setup Staff & Customer Safety Protocols

Staff Safety Protocols
To ensure staff safety, we put a detailed protocol into place and communicated to our staff before reopening. We take increased safety measures from the minute our staff leaves their home to the minute they leave our salon at the end of the work day. 

Before starting their shift, employees must: 
• Walk in wearing a face covering that covers both nose and mouth—if they do not have one, they will be provided with one
• Use a contactless thermometer to check their temperature
• Fill out a COVID questionnaire
• Confirm that they wore a PPE during their commute
• Sanitize belongings

Once they are providing the service, employees must: 
• Wear PPE
• Wash hands regularly
• Minimize verbal communication with the customer

Customer Safety Protocols
We’ve also put a detailed protocol into place for our customers — from the moment they book to the moment they leave the salon.

Before starting their service, customers must:
• Walk in wearing a face covering that covers both nose and mouth—if they do not have one, they will be provided with one
• Use a contactless thermometer to check their temperature
• Fill out a COVID questionnaire
• Wash hands
• Sign health waivers

Once the service has begun, we encourage customers to: 
• Wear their mask
• Use hand sanitizer when needed
• Minimize verbal communication with staff
• Wash hands upon completion

Once your initial protocol is in place, it is critical to communicate this plan to your staff and clients so that everyone can follow through and execute seamlessly. 

Step 3:
Cleaning Plan

Since cleanliness is a top concern for customers, more stringent cleaning guidelines were put in place. Moving forward, we’ll use the below protocols to keep our salon safe:

Supplies Checklist:
– Hand sanitizers without toxic wood alcohol
– Bacterial wipes
– High grade disinfectant solutions

Steps to keeping our salon clean:

  1. Clean high touch areas once every hour 
  2. Keep air cool to avoid human sweat
  3. Wipe equipment and bedding for and after each appointment
  4. Disinfect all small tools before and after each appointment 
  5. Provide fresh towels to client and keep used towels in a separate concealed bag 
  6. End the day with a deep clean 

With these additional cleaning precautions, we believe people can feel safe returning to our establishments and hopefully other establishments, so they can continue to enjoy life and support local businesses.

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