“If I could just clone my top two trainers, we would be unstoppable.”

This phrase is like a mantra for many studio owners. You need to find the perfect group of people to represent their product and execute their processes flawlessly, not to mention provide discerning clients with the best possible experience — from booking to burpee. The challenge? Finding and retaining those top professionals so your business can thrive.

Read below to explore four common challenges for retaining talent in the fitness industry — and the hacks to tackle them.

The Challenge: Scheduling

This is one of the biggest operational puzzles in the industry and has an enormous impact on your trainers’ happiness.

The hack: Create a simple Google Form — here’s a sample you can work from — and ask each person on your team what their ideal daily, weekly and monthly workload is. You’ll likely see a trend — most fitpros prefer to teach at least two classes back-to-back so their commute and all the extra work that goes into preparing for class is really worth it.

The Challenge: Pay

What if it’s too high, what if it’s too low, what if they don’t accept the offer? Pay in this industry is complicated and obscure, which makes it a big obstacle for both companies and fitpros alike.

The hack: Be straightforward. After speaking to hundreds of fitness professionals the consensus is, there is someone for every company. Don’t hesitate to tell them their expected salary, but also make sure to tell them all the other amazing reasons why they should work for you. For some, the priority is pay. But there are many who prioritize community, professional development, education, mentorship, flexibility in their teaching style, or a place that will support their personal brands. They’ll appreciate your transparency with your value add just as much as you appreciate understanding how much they will add to your business. No matter the amount you pay, make sure it’s information you share early on in the interview process.

The Challenge: Marketing

In the age of social media, both companies and fitpros are often navigating unknown territory around marketing classes.

The hack: Offer opportunities for your team to create content for self-promotion. From free initiatives (think team photoshoots in the park) to paid productions (hire a photographer quarterly to take images of your team), it’s worth the effort and investment. And if you’re asking your team to market, make sure you’re also supporting them with the tools and resources to make it happen.

The Challenge: Career Progression

Trainers often feel stuck. In order to make more money, they have to teach more classes and it becomes a frustrating obstacle for career growth.

The hack: Create a tiered system in your organization with clear expectations for upward movement so trainers know how to move forward — here’s a sample you can work from.

This post was written by Alexandra Bonetti, founder and CEO of Talent Hack. Talent Hack connects companies, gyms, studios and brands to fitness professionals — from instructors and trainers to managers, front desk support and social media gurus. ClassPass Partners: Access your exclusive Talent Hack perks via the ProPerks page in the Partner Dashboard! In addition to scheduling templates and career mapping resources, ClassPass Partners receive early access to thousands of fitness professionals.