We’re excited to jump into the new year, motivated and inspired by the winners of 2019’s Best of ClassPass awards. Before you scroll, here’s a little more on how we selected this year’s winning studios and instructor:

This year, we decided to make the awards bigger and better than ever. Not only did we add categories for favorite studios, but we also looked at ClassPass ratings and reviews throughout the entire year to determine which studios and individuals earned top marks.

Winner – Best Studio


Los Angeles Area, Multiple Locations

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“GritCycle truly lives by its motto of “it’s a we thing.” The studio is a family that is there to support you, challenge you and make you stronger. Never did I think I would be as into cycling as I am or as strong as I am but the motivation of the instructors and studio has made me into a new person!”

“It was one of the first places I tried in SoCal through ClassPass and I’ve been hooked ever since! I go every week and found an exercise I actually love and it’s because of their amazing instructors!”

“GritCycle is so much more than a studio, it’s truly a family. Grit has truly changed my life and brought me the most wonderful group of friends. I have never been to a studio that genuinely encourages its community like Grit. Whether they are supporting local charities or supporting milestone rides/life accomplishments, Grit does it in a way that is so genuine and unique to only them. Again, I cannot thank Grit enough for transforming the way I think, treat, and thank my body. I cannot imagine my life without Grit! GRIT STRONG.”

Winners – Best Instructor

Claudia Fitzwater

Project Body, Atlanta, GA

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“Claudia is a phenomenal entrepreneur, educator, fitness instructor and leader. She brings a creative spirit and relentless drive for success to everything she does and is truly an inspiration to all. She is deeply worthy of this honor and it would mean so much to the fitness community she has brought together.”

“The best instructor ever! Professional and passionate about what she does — she kicks my butt every time but I always come for more! I owe all my gains to her.”

“Claudia is an amazing instructor who challenges her clients to push themselves closer to their fitness goals. Her classes are not only dynamic, fun and challenging; they also yield great results. Working out with her was the first time I ever felt strong in my body, and I love how accepting/inviting she is of ALL body types. She truly shares her passion for health and wellness with everyone she meets, and she has the ability to make you laugh in the midst of a killer workout.”

Reuben Mourad

Training Mate, West Hollywood, CA

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“He’s the best! Funny, encouraging and always making sure that you have the right form! An instructor dream come true!”

“Reubs is one of the most motivating and inspirational instructors I’ve had. He genuinely cares about your form, and always brings incredible energy to every class. I’m the fittest I’ve been in my life thanks to him, and I always leave every class of his feeling amazing. Thank you for everything you do.”

“Reuben is one of the most unique instructors I’ve ever been trained by. He genuinely cares about every person in his class, of all abilities and ages. He pushes the most advanced athletes but can also make the beginner and first-timer feel at ease. We are all so lucky to have him at Training Mate.”

Jessica Baerg

Cycle Hub, San Antonio, TX

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“Jessica is soo compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. She always offers hard workouts with a loving attitude and pushes us to be our best.”

“She is an amazing instructor — talented and creative. Every class is wonderful and there’s never a dull moment.”

“I’m so thankful to have found Jessica through ClassPass. Her energy is contagious and her classes are always awesome! There is no one more deserving of this award.”

“Jessica is an incredibly thoughtful and effective instructor. She treats teaching as a real privilege and makes class interesting, challenging and fun.”

Raj Hathiramani

Mile High Run Club NoHo, New York, NY

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“I always despised running until I took Raj’s class at Mile High Run Club. The passion he brings to the sport and the studio is infectious. His inclusive teaching style makes everyone in the room feel comfortable, regardless of level, and he carefully explains the WHY of his programs. I look forward not only to my next class with him but also my next run on my own with his mantras in my head. Coach Raj is truly the best!”

“Raj has the most motivating stories and makes 7am mile repeats fun. He cares about his runners beyond class, frequently checking in after races, offering advice and words of encouragement. He’s always cheering and taking photos at local races!”

“Raj is a stand-out coach. He meets you where you are fitness-wise, gives practical individualized instruction to help you improve, and is clearly an enthusiast in his field. And overall he’s incredibly approachable and friendly. For me, he helped make running into something doable and approachable. Made the hypothetical “mountain” of practice seem achievable.”

“Raj is unquestionably the best running coach on ClassPass. He convinced me (someone with no running experience whatsoever) to keep coming back to Mile High, eventually running my first half marathon and full marathon this year, and I know my story is far from uncommon. His attitude and dedication to his classes inspire so many people to take up running regardless of their speed or experience level. I am nominating Raj for best instructor because I think he should be recognized for his contributions to ClassPass and the broader fitness community.”

Helene DeFillipo

Basecamp Burlingame, San Francisco, CA

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“Her energy is contagious! She is very motivating, encouraging and pushes you to your limits. I always come out sweaty and with a smile that says something about an instructor!”

“Helene is one of the most amazing instructors and more importantly a beautiful person inside and out! She brings energy to the class and connects with everyone on a personal level. I speak for many when I say she is the reason we come to workouts every day.”

“She teaches a great class, is engaged with the members, and always has an upbeat and positive attitude. She’s engaging during class and it motivates me to push myself!” 

“After trying out a few different instructors and classes I found that no one motivated me to keep going as much as Helene does, she sees everyone in the class and pushes everyone to do their very best. Helene is an overall happy and motivating person and she is really there for every single individual as well as the group.”

“I love Helene: her energy, her spunk, her athleticism. She’s inspiring and encouraging and she pushes me to do my best every time. She never phones it in and she makes sure we don’t phone it in either! I know when she’s the instructor, that I’m gonna get a GREAT workout. She’s the best!”

Dustin Miller

TruFusion Dallas, Dallas, TX

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“He truly takes time to understand my goals. His energy is unparalleled and he is the best instructor in town.”

“Dustin brings passion and energy to every class he teaches and it’s infectious. He pushes us and encourages people by name and we all want to do better when she’s around. He’s just awesome.”

“Inspiring, encouraging and incredible, Dustin Miller is truly one of the BEST instructors! I am so grateful to have found his class and this studio on ClassPass.”

“Dustin is an incredibly motivating instructor. He leads with passion and brings the class to life. My partner and I book his class a week in advance because he is such a phenomenal instructor and we truly enjoy working out with him.”

Winner – Best Staff

TruFusion Dallas

Dallas, TX 

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

Staff is so friendly and engaging. Smiles and good vibes always!”

“This studio is the best. The instructors are all fantastic, helpful and motivating. You really feel like a family there! And they all play great tunes.”

“The staff is very personable, giving individual attention and positive directions to each person that comes through the door.”

“Best team members AND best instructors! This crew makes you feel welcomed and wanted and they always give their all.”

Winner – Best Amenities

Jibe Cycling Studio

Portland, ME

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

Jibe is a luxury boutique studio. Joanna and her team have thought of every detail from the lounge area and restrooms to the shower amenities and small things like hair elastics and dry shampoo. Thoughtful details make a difference.”

“Jibe’s amenities are first class. Showering after class feels like a luxury.”

“Have you seen the bathrooms?! It’s like a high-end hotel, with organic hair and skin products! They keep everything so clean too which I really appreciate.”

“Always clean and well organized. Everything from rentals to lockers is in great condition and maintained beautifully. Plus, all the products they offer in the bathroom (like 15 or so different products for the shower, shaving and personal grooming) make an already amazing studio even better.”

Winner – Most Instagrammable


San Francisco, CA

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say:

“Dryft is an amazing mobile studio that consistently sets up shop at some of the most scenic areas of San Francisco!”

“Have you seen the views?!?! Epic, nothing like it in San Francisco.”

“The views are out of this world!”

“The studio is mobile and outdoors! It offers sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge while you sweat. What could be better?”

“There is no other studio where you overlook the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge, the sunset over the water, the ocean… Dryft is the only rowing workout that beats actually being out on the water.”

Winner – Customer Champion


New York City

This special award goes to the studio that took the time to engage with the ClassPass community by responding to the most reviews!

Winner – Growth Master

LA Fitness

Multiple Locations 


This special award goes to the organization that added the most studio locations to ClassPass over the past year.

For a full list of overall winners, chosen from ClassPass data for each city, visit our round-up here.