Clients flock to instructors they love. You know how amazing your team is, but you want to make sure clients know it, too. So, how can you introduce your instructors to more people and help them build a devoted following at your studio? Try these six marketing tips

1. Provide Sneak Peeks Online
Let your instructors showcase their knowledge, technique and instruction style on your website. Ask instructors to submit fitness tips each week. The tips can be written as a blog or demonstrated by video.

The tips should be quick and easy to explain, such as how to do a perfect lunge or basic safety rules for completing a rope climb. Blogs should include a picture of the instructor as well as links to your studio’s social media pages. Videos should be short and sweet — no longer than three minutes. By showcasing different instructors and their expertise, clients can get to know all the instructors in your studio.

Let your clients know to look for these “Fit Tips of the Week” and promote by posting links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform you use to promote your studio.

2. Throw a Welcome Party
A client’s first impression is crucial. When you hire a new instructor or an existing instructor begins teaching a new class, set them up to make the right first impression.

Host a “Welcome Party” class to kick off the new relationship between clients and instructor. Print festive invitations to pass out in the studio and promote heavily on social media. Consider adding a theme, like “Spin Me Right Round 80s Ride” or “Sun Salutations by Moonlight” to distinguish the class from your regular schedule. Provide healthy refreshments to encourage clients to stick around after class and get to know your instructor better.

3. Get Back to Basics
First love runs deep. From boot camp to barre, yoga to cycling, help your instructors attract more first-timers and convert them to lifers.

Once a month, ask instructors to teach a basics class. By promising a fun, non-judgmental, rudimentary class, the instructor may attract an enthusiastic following of clients who may have been intimidated to jump into a regular class.

4. Polish Your Instructors’ Profiles
After reading a class description on your website, your clients’ next click will be to instructor bios. Make sure the instructor’s profile matches his or her personality.

Post an up-to-date, high-quality picture. Go beyond the basics of your instructor’s certification and years of experience to include why your instructor was drawn to his or her specialty and what makes his or her class unique. For example, a yoga instructor’s profile may include why she pursued yoga and what kind of environment she creates in her class, such as energetic, meditative or physically challenging.

5. Send Your Instructors Out of the Studio
Community outreach can be a powerful marketing strategy for promoting your instructors. By having an instructor conduct a class at an off-site location, such as a park or community center, the instructor will not only raise his or her profile in the neighborhood, but increase awareness of your studio as well.

6. Give You Instructors a Niche
Does one of your instructors have experience helping clients get their abs back after having a baby? Is there a market for Bridal Bootcamps in your area? Do you have an avid runner on staff who can help support clients training for the local marathon?

Create group fitness instruction that supports life events and specific fitness goals. These groups will position your instructor as more than a teacher, but also a partner in your clients’ successes.