There are many affordable interior design hacks to help you maximize and beautify your fitness or wellness space in uniquely creative ways. Many of these effective design tips and tricks can help you achieve a bright, welcoming space that feels like a relaxing oasis to your clients. Here are some of the top low-cost ways you can elevate your space and create a Zen atmosphere for your clients.

Pick a bright color scheme and paint your walls

Incorporating cohesive color schemes can transform your wellness space dramatically. When choosing your wall and accent colors you should consider your business branding as well as what colors will make your clients feel good. Different colors spark different types of emotions like “relaxed” or “energized,” so it’s important to consider what vibe or mood you are encouraging when choosing paint colors. If you have smaller spaces to maximize you should stick with lighter more neutral colors to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Choose warm aesthetic flooring

When installing flooring for your fitness or wellness business you should consider using hardwood or bamboo for aesthetics and warmth. Hardwood floors are the most durable and also bring beauty to an indoor space. Bamboo is an abundant fast-growing recyclable resource that brings the therapeutic elements of nature into your space. Cork is another eco-friendly material you may consider using on your floors, which brings softness to a room and acts as an insulator for sound and heat. For more eco-friendly tips, check out this article.

Set up proper mood lighting 

Lighting sets the mood and contributes to the energy of your fitness or wellness space. Avoid fluorescent lights whenever possible as this type of lighting can feel overwhelming and artificial. Instead, try LED lighting, wall sconces or DIY ceiling fixtures. Installing light dimmers will allow you to control the brightness depending on the time of day and services taking place. If you have a lot of windows in your wellness space, let as much natural light as possible flow through as long as your clients still feel a sense of privacy.

Install pretty window treatments

You can add window draperies and light fabric curtains as elegant window coverings. You and your staff should be able to easily control how much light can come in during the day so make sure these window treatments have fasteners. If you hang the curtains higher up closer to the ceiling it will also create the illusion of even more floor to ceiling space. 

Get creative with furniture hacks and refinishing techniques

If you have space for a seating lounge in your reception area you can use refurbished or more affordable furniture options. A bit of paint, some tools and creativity can transform basic or used furniture pieces into attractive and welcoming one-of-a-kind pieces. IKEA offers compact, sleek and affordable pieces of furniture that can be painted or fixed up to match your wellness branding and design themes. 

Use benches with storage cubbies

If you don’t have enough space for couches and tables, you can bring in benches to provide more efficient seating for your clients. When you use benches you can maximize your space even more by choosing benches with storage cubbies underneath. This seating and storage piece will allow your clients to store their belongings if needed, or you can use the storage for business equipment.

Install floating shelves for decor or retail merchandise

Installing wall shelves or hanging shelves will definitely help elevate the space as they free up floor space. Floating shelves are multi-functional and can hold business decor or artwork. You can also use floating shelves at reception for the retail items that you want to sell like branded apparel, workout gear or beauty products. 

Have fun with wall art 

Your common reception areas give you the space to express your brand image and inspire your clients through artwork or wall murals. Maybe you want to have your brand motto written on the wall, a painted collage, favorite painting or an inspirational photograph. Be thoughtful with your wall art, as it’s best not to add to many distracting elements or exaggerated decorations in your space, especially in workout studios. Embrace wall mirrors in smaller areas to give the illusion of more open space.

Update your bathroom hardware fixtures

Updating the faucets and showerheads can be a quick and affordable way to beautify your bathroom and locker room areas. Replacing outdated dull hardware with luxe accents makes a big difference.  

Bring natural life indoors 

Many people spend most of their day indoors, so implementing more natural design elements brings your clients closer to the rhythms of nature. Plants and small trees are an inexpensive way to improve your indoor space. Specifically, succulents are beautiful, low-cost and fairly easy to maintain. 

These interior design hacks will help you optimize your wellness or fitness space in ways that won’t break the bank. Of course, keeping your facility sparkling clean and organized is another effective and efficient way to elevate your wellness space. It’s time to get super creative and have fun with these interior design projects.