Boutique fitness continues to expand all over the world, and with that, the overall population’s interest in boutique fitness grows as well. With more and more customers eager to discover the experience of a boutique workout, how can you meet this need? One way is through offering video workouts. Pre-recorded sessions of your workouts — offered either for free or for a nominal fee — are an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness for your business and educate new customers around the world about your method. Read on to learn more about why video workouts are the next big thing for your business.

Gain Global Exposure

It’s not possible for your studio to be in more than one place at once, but with video workouts, you can reach clients anywhere in the world. While you may not be interested in expanding globally yet, if you are thinking about moving or opening a new location even one zip code or two away, video workouts expose your business to a new client base before you’ve established a physical presence there. You may be surprised to discover that you can build an impressive online following in a place you never thought of — which may in turn inform your own expansion plans someday.

Build Brand Awareness

Boutique fitness is a unique, more personalized fitness experience — and one that often comes at a price. While as a business owner you want to reach as wide an audience as possible — and your prospective audience no doubt wants to engage with you as well — cost can sometimes get in the way of that. Sharing videos of your method on your website, social media or through a free trial gives new members a taste of what you have to offer and gets your brand in front of more people than you might have had the resources to before. Even if someone can’t come to your studio on a regular basis, they can still be an engaged follower of your brand through these video workouts. The more engaged a person is, the more likely they are to share it with their friends, family, on social media, etc., growing your overall presence in the fitness community.

Use as an Education Tool

Even if your class is scalable for beginners, new clients may be intimidated to try you out for the first time if your method is something they’ve never done before. Video workouts can therefore serve as an introduction to your method: showing customers how to use the equipment and specifics on form in their own time. (Clients can rewind you repeating how to “tuck” as many times as they need!) It also helps alleviate any nerves or tension about what to expect before coming to your class for the first time. For those who are looking to build on their experience with you over time, they can reference the workouts at home to continue to hone in on your techniques.

Differentiate Your Studio

With the explosive growth of the boutique fitness industry, there’s more competition out there than ever before to garner new clients’ attention and loyalty. One way to start building on that relationship is through video workouts. Video workouts are a way for you to differentiate your studio from others, through what you offer, how you present your business, the quality of the videos you produce, etc. You can use videos to connect with new and existing clients and help “sweeten the pot” of what you offer inside the studio so that they feel like they get so much more from your studio than what they can get anywhere else. Ultimately, this will encourage more user loyalty to your studio in the long run.

What to Consider

While there are many benefits to offering video workouts at your studio, there are a number of points to consider before diving into production. Namely, do you have the budget and resources to produce videos? You’ll need time, video and lighting equipment, editing tools, and technical skill to produce videos of high quality that will make the investment worthwhile — which may all require contracting outside help, at a not-insignificant cost. Make sure to weigh the effort and cost against your expected return-on-investment to ensure videos make sense for your business.