Welcome to our new series, ClassPass Partner 101. We’ll dive deeper into the topics you care about most, so you can learn how the platform works for partners, gain insight from ClassPass and hear directly from other partners.

How do you define community? When it comes to the health, fitness and wellness industry, the most general definition of community would be the people who fill your space each day. Just as you wouldn’t limit defining your community as ‘just advanced’ students or ‘only customers who visit five times a week,’ narrowing the definition of who makes up your community can only stand to close off your business from eager participants.

While a ClassPass user may not be visiting as often as a direct member who has an unlimited package, ClassPassers who turn up to your venue are there because they want to try what you’re offering or because they already enjoy what you do! And while they may be unlikely to leave the ClassPass platform to convert a direct member, our user data has shown that ClassPassers are likely to frequent the same handful of studios they love.

Growing the pool

Zachary Mandell, Data Analyst at ClassPass, says that the numbers show ClassPass is growing the industry. “Based on a 2019 ClassPass customer survey, around half of users reported being brand new to boutique fitness before signing up on the platform,” Mandell says. “And the majority of users new to studio fitness cited working out more frequently after joining ClassPass.”

Many of your ClassPass visitors are brand new to your genre, or even fitness in general. You have the opportunity to be their introduction and guide their health journey. In addition, our user data shows that once ClassPassers find a studio they like, they are likely to continue visiting through their lifetime on the platform.

ClassPassers find their favorites

Jeff Bladt, Senior Director of Pricing and Inventory at ClassPass, explains the typical ClassPass user behavior when it comes to habituation. “Our data shows that more than 80% of ClassPass user reservations are at their three favorite studios [of ClassPassers after they have been on the platform for at least three months].”

Helping those new to boutique fitness find experiences to make them healthier and happier is what ClassPass is all about. As such, connecting ClassPassers to the fitness and wellness experiences our partners offer is a win-win.

Frank Barricelli, owner of Beast Fitness Evolved in Brooklyn, NY, says, “These users have built strong relationships and have become true friends both inside and outside of the studio…ClassPass has been key to our accelerated growth and continued success.”

How to encourage an inclusive community

Fostering community at your venue shows inclusivity, amplifies your brand and elevates the industry. We’ve rounded up a few simple ways to build and inspire community.

  • Focus on consistent customer experience: Whether you’re receiving a visitor who is trying your genre for the first time, a walk-in or a ClassPasser, ensure they get a warm welcome. The goal is to give information and make them feel at ease, without over-selling. The customer experience should be the same for a new walk-in off the street or a new ClassPasser.
  • Create a feedback loop: Want to take your already stellar in-studio experience to the next level? Solicit feedback from your visitors — showing your listening is another way to maximize the community feel. Whether that’s through a survey or reading (and responding to!) online reviews, you’ve got to show your audience their voice is valued.
  • Offer up options for participation: Not everyone gets involved in the same way. If you’re trying to build community, consider giving multiple options for your audience to get connected. Invite participants to join your email newsletter, hold regular get-togethers in the studio or venue outside of peak hours, organize collaborations with local like-minded businesses or get creative with fundraisers.
  • Don’t forget to follow up: Make sure the great customer experience doesn’t end after they walk out the door. Offer up opportunities to connect and engage with your venue on social media, via text or email check-ins.

At its core, your community is made up of those individuals who participate in your offering — whether they roll out their mat in your studio once, visit weekly for gym time or pop in for a monthly massage. Inclusivity can position your brand in a positive light, one that only stands to grow your reach.