We’ve been on the move lately at ClassPass and are growing our partner network! We are excited to welcome three new markets to our community: San Antonio, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh!

To celebrate the launch of our new markets, we chatted with studio owners in these cities to learn a little bit more about what makes their town unique and what’s next for their fitness scene.


Zeb Homison, Yoga Factory Pittsburgh

The boutique fitness market in Pittsburgh has exploded over the past several years.  As the people in the city become more fitness and health-minded it’s important for all of us that are providing classes to be as available and as open to new students as possible. At Yoga Factory Pittsburgh we’ve made it a point over the past year to begin to add new classes and expand our offerings. This month we are adding our new signature HIIT class to compliment the over 40 yoga classes we offer every week!

Every area of Pittsburgh has its own personality.

Lisa Lutheran, Cycletique

The Pittsburgh boutique market is unique because it has a price point and service level for every consumer. There are a lot of great independent operators that understand the high level of service that customers now expect. The trend here, as it is everywhere, is moving away from the big box gyms. Our customers appreciate the expertise of the boutique studio along with its flexibility and are much more sophisticated in their use and expectation of technology and how it can help them achieve their fitness goals.

Amanda McDonald, The Barre Code

The boutique fitness market is as unique as every neighborhood in this awesome city. We are a city divided by many bridges, rivers, and “hills” and we find that every area of town has its own personality. With that said, you may see many yoga studios or spin studios in a specific area of town and more strength training or barre studios in another. 


New Orleans

Chelsey Backus, The Church of Yoga

What I love about New Orleans is the non-stop creative charge that runs through our city. New Orleans is home to some of the most beautiful yoga centers that I have come across in the states. The Church of Yoga is bursting with beauty. Every little detail was so perfectly thought through that each time someone walks into the space they say “The space is so beautiful.” From custom neon signs crafted by a local artist to our wall of heroes on the outside of the building, nothing was missed. You will find this same care in each studio through the city.  

Since New Orleans is such a major music hub, we have the blessing of having world class musicians play live for classes. This fall we have the legendary Little Freddie King playing and weekly have a live music class with local jazz musicians and DJ’s too. In New Orleans we let the party into all aspects of life — even fitness! 

NOLA is all about the good times.

Brigitte Martin, Grace Pilates and Yoga

What makes the NOLA fitness market unique is that we are a community that supports each other. There are so many local studios and owners that I admire. I am constantly inspired by how involved they are with the community. In NOLA, we know how to have fun, how to eat great food, and we know how to work it off so we can do it all over again. 

Madeline Spiers, TOUR Cycle Studio

NOLA is all about the good times, “laissez les bon temps roulez,” and that applies to our fitness scene too! With the influx of boutique fitness studios, it allows locals to keep the party going, while adding healthy balance to their routine. ClassPass choosing to launch in the New Orleans market adds legitimacy to the culture boutique fitness studios have been cultivating in the past few years. We have been working to educate locals on the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and ClassPass will further help our efforts by allowing fitness lovers and those new to the scene to experience the wide variety of offerings around the city. 


San Antonio

Alison Smith, EnergyX Fitness

San Antonio’s boutique studio market is made up of a lot of locally owned, no chain studios. That alone provides the space for creativity and more custom workouts. This also helps us build strong relationships and community with our members.

As with most urban areas, boutique fitness is becoming much more trendy in San Antonio. But not just because it’s the cool thing to do. People are starting to understand the importance of small group classes and a more intimate setting when it comes to fitness. 

San Antonio is a city on the rise.

San Antonio is a city on the rise. We have great food, great entertainment, and the fitness has to follow suit! As San Antonio continues to grow, so will the popularity of boutique fitness. The pressure is on to stay ahead of the curve and I think we’re doing just that.