Read on for a deep dive into how ClassPassers got moving in 2019. We crunched the data to learn when, how and where ClassPassers moved, stretched and lifted their way through the year.

Workouts are more social than ever

80% of ClassPass users have coordinated a workout with a friend or colleague this year.

In the US, the most popular classes to take with a friend are Rowing and Boxing.

Outside of the United States, friends are also likely to take a Martial Arts class together.

Travelers are prioritizing exercise

18% of professionals worked out in a city other than their hometown during 2019. This is up from 14% of professionals in 2018.

We have seen that no matter the reason for travel, people are building fitness into their routine on the go.

Megaformer is one of the fastest growing trends in fitness

Megaformer Pilates classes are a quickly growing trend in the United States.

ClassPass users attended over a million Megaformer classes in 2019.

There has been a 38.6% increase in Megaformer reservations in 2019 vs 2018.

Fitness is becoming a work-friendly topic

58% of professionals revealed they would be more likely to accept a job that offered a fitness and wellness package. (data from an Oct 2019 OnePoll study)

Two in three professionals feel that working out with colleagues can help to build workplace friendships. 

We predict that more companies will continue to offer fitness and wellness benefits in the coming decade, and that they will be an increasingly popular benefit for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Group classes and variety are still the key to motivation

Newbies to group fitness are most likely to take a yoga class as their first class according to our 2019 data.

42% of people report they work out more after joining ClassPass, illustrating that group classes are motivating.

It’s all about self-care

Meditation was the most popular wellness activity booked on ClassPass in 2019. 

New York City was most likely to book a meditation class in 2019.

Massages, Saunas, Cryotherapy, and Facials are also popular, with a rise in the reservations of each activity month over month.

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