Just about any person you ask will tell you that they feel like there are not enough hours in a day—and that goes doubly for business owners. Why? Because while most people work a standard 9-5, or a shift that has a designated end time, being a small business owner means that you have no set schedule. In fact, as an entrepreneur, you could technically always be working. It’s not like you have a boss who’s going to tell you to call it quits for the day, right? Plus, it doesn’t help that there’s always something you could be doing, whether it’s getting ahead on next week’s payroll, figuring out a new social media strategy, creating a new newsletter for your customers – you name it.

Which means that as the owner of a fitness studio, it’s so important that you’re able to manage your time efficiently. How do you strike that work/life balance? We asked a few studio owners to share their best tips and tricks on time management.

“I manage my time by having an online booking system for everything, from PT to classes that [clients] book themselves. Therefore, I’m saving time on scheduling, and knowing when I am and am not available. I have one full day a week for planning the whole weekend, and it makes transition from client to client and class to class so much easier.” -Lucy Locket, owner Lucy Locket Loves

“Balance is key in everything. So set ‘work hours’ and stick to them. When you’re on, you’re on, and then you can enjoy the time you give yourself for other aspects of your life. This is the hardest rule for every entrepreneur I’ve ever met, but I find that if I stick to work hours I am actually more efficient. That’s why it’s number one on my list.” -Lander Peerman, co-owner of Crush Fitness

“As a busy studio owner and fitness instructor, I manage my time by keeping everything organized on different schedules. For instance, the studio teaching schedule is organized in one place and easy to see, my private training schedule is managed on a different schedule that only occurs during off-peak group class times, and my personal appointments are kept in my phone with reminders. I also believe it is important to do things that are non-business related in order to maintain a healthy balance, so I always make time to do something fun during the week! My favorite things to do are see a movie, take my dog to the dog park, or do a little retail therapy.” -Katy Fraggos, owner of Perspirology

“I manage my time by making time for me first! Within my routine I make sure to meditate daily, play with my boy, and stay active as much as possible. There is always something to be done, but it’s also important to make time for myself. If I do, managing my day is easier and more fun. I also make to-do lists. I’ve learned to only do what I love to do and delegate the rest. Managing my amazing team, growing our community and expanding our business is my focus. Having fun is a huge part of my life.” – Rachael Blumberg, owner of PLATEFIT fitness studio

“As a husband and wife team, the key is dividing and conquering! We have distinct responsibilities when it comes to the studio. Felix works on the managerial side/big picture, whereas I am the expert on the fitness side managing what happens in the classroom” -Claudia Aarts-Schreiber, co-owner of Chaise Fitness

“I often tell my clients to never underestimate the power of breathing when you feel pressed for time. It sounds simple, but it’s quick and restorative and it can redirect you in a positive way to stay focused. Remember that life is meant to be fun, not stressful. And of course, prioritize fitness and cocktails with girlfriends. Yes, both of those things take time, but I find that when I do them, I can somehow fit even more into my busy day.” -Natalie Mirsky, owner of Have Body Wellness

“Don’t be afraid to say no. This can be tricky especially when it often feels like I’m being pulled in a dozen directions for my time. Being able to say no to opportunities is crucial to staying productive and prioritized. With more experience comes a better ability to judge an opportunity for its value right off the bat. I have developed a pretty good sense of what types of meetings and endeavors are worth my time, and which are not.” -Jessica Fracalossi, owner of The Handle Bar

“One of the best things I did for myself was to set aside one full day off a week to recharge. I’ve found that it’s best to make it the same day every week, and to do your best to honor that day. A brand new business may require your presence seven days a week, but that will wear you out quickly, particularly if you are instructing classes every day in addition to managing.” -Rebecca Weible, founder of Yo Yoga!

“My best tip to save time is to wake up and take a moment to actually visualize how you see the day going based on your agenda. From that brief check-in to my mental and emotional preparation to tackle the day, I feel like I have saved so much ‘downtime.’ Writing things down has helped me become more decisive and confident in life, work and play.” -Leah Marsh, owner of Pilates X Studio

“If you can delegate well, you will succeed. Hold others accountable for tasks, and schedule assessment meetings with them to track progress. This will allow you to focus other things. Make sure you follow up on what was discussed in your meetings and hold your staff accountable. Follow the three strike rule.” -Joselynne Boschen, owner of Alpha Sport East