• Made Talents

    Made Talents

    Jandali Studio, 677 Davie Street (The Dance Centre), 4th Floor, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines

    Femme Hip Hop

    So much fun and such a great instructor. She could really read the class and met us at our level while encouraging us and at the end we all did amazingly but I think it’s because Zarina really took her time to guide us through the steps.
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    Make Moves with Made Talents! Learn new routines to your favourite tracks in our…
  • Ballet Lounge
    Dance, Stretching, …

    Ballet Lounge

    1340 Granville St, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines

    Bendy + Balanced Ballerinx *In-Studio*

    Amazing stretching & a little core work class!! Natalie plays great mid tempo house music to relax & stretch to (I’m not a big chimes & flute music person) while going through every single type of stretch a dancer needs. Sometimes the yoga & Pilates stretches cater more to a typical athlete, but as a dancer, I need to stretch my hips, splits & forward fold that I don’t often do. I usually like to pay for classes that make me sweat, but I should sign up for this more often to work on my flexibility & help my body in a different way. Thankful for Miss Nat & her stretching expertise!!! ☺️
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    Be Bold. Ballet Lounge is Vancouver’s leading Adult Ballet for Fitness Dance Studio…
  • Passion and Performance
    Stretching, Yoga, …

    Passion and Performance

    55 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines

    Hotness Skills

    Kyra is a great teacher. she breaks down the steps in an easy to digest manner and has a fun energy. she makes you feel great about yourself and inspires confidence.
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    Passion and Performance is an inclusive adult dance studio where everybody & every…

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