• Wheel House
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Wheel House

    1 Embarcadero Center R1213, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines


    Such a high energy and fun class. I was super stoked because the teacher asked if anyone wanted to move to the front row and I did because my bike was next to a wall in the back row. I didn’t have the clip in shoes but one of the instructors grabbed me a pair and I got to be front and center of class! I pushed myself and felt amazing. Love WH highly recommend.
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    Wheel House is a cutting-edge studio in the Embarcadero Center dedicated to the combination…
  • Decathlon USA
    Strength Training

    Decathlon USA

    735 Market St, San Francisco

    Free Fitness Classes with Decathlon X Ascend Body

    I was 3 mins late and couldn’t get in
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    Decathlon is a community of sports lovers devoted to encouraging the practice of…
  • Flagship
    Strength Training


    250 Montgomery St, San Francisco


    Great tough work out. A little awkward to find your way and get started as a new person to the studio and/or CrossFit but instructor did a great job within the set up they have of helping keep things going and was very friendly. Even if youre familiar with lifting, I would still suggest their intro classe/s as crossfit is just logistically different and has its own flow. Will definitely look into coming back!
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    San Francisco's premier training facility offering daily classes like high intensity…
  • Perform For Life
    Boxing, Yoga, …

    Perform For Life

    650 Mission St., San Francisco

    Metabolic Conditioning

    Skeptical due to other reviews. But GREAT workout. Easy moves for any level but you can go faster or slower to get your heart rate up. Good stretch before and class has an actual cool down stretch too. Coach was knowledgeable and demonstrated moves before.
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    Perform For Life proudly serves a community that embraces the process just as much…
    Strength Training


    897 Folsom Street, San Francisco
    Ving Tsun is a simple and direct martial art. It focuses on simplifying every situation…
  • Live Fit Gym and Wellness Spa
    Strength Training

    Live Fit Gym and Wellness Spa

    950 California St, San Francisco

    Mat Pilates

    This gym is located next to the Tonga Room inside the hotel. The locker room is pretty nice, but the class space is a little awkward since when you walk down the stairs youre basically inside it. Denice was super nice and our class only had three students. We did mat Pilates using balls as props. I had not done Pilates in a long time and this class made me remember why I love it. Its fun and relaxing and all those small movements count. The hour flew by! The one big drawback was the music - it was Muzak type music of mostly pop hits, although they did throw in the Game or Thrones theme in there too. It was annoying enough that I even would have preferred no music, and Im big on music during workouts. It sounded like we were in an elevator for a whole hour. Music aside, great class and Ill be back!
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    Small group workouts bring you the camaraderie and challenges of group exercise classes…

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