• Circus Center

    Circus Center

    755 Frederick St, San Francisco

    Intro to Mixed Aerials

    I am super sore after this intense class! The teacher does lots of conditioning of the muscle groups required for aerial skills so you will def work it hard ! It’s not an aerobic class but it is an intense muscle workout and it’s fun to try some of the intro aerial moves. The teacher was kind, helpful and methodical!
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    Circus Center offers classes for every level of ability in flying trapeze, acrobatics…
  • Acrosports
    Gymnastics,Aerial,Strength Training


    639 Frederick St, San Francisco

    Lyra (Hoop) - Intermediate *Instructor Approval Required

    I've really come to appreciate Keri's intermediate class - she will transform you into an aerial badass. Class mostly focuses on foundational work such as single knee hangs, meat hooks and planches. Tricks seem to come second which is fine in my opinion. Without correct form you have nothing right? Keri's teaching style is more direct but don't let that intimidate you - she wants to ensure you're doing it correctly and you'll thank her later for it.
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    AcroSports is a non-profit gymnasium that has been serving the community since 1…
  • InnerGate
    Stretching,Aerial,Pilates,Strength Training,Yoga,Cycling,Outdoors,Martial Arts,Personal Training,Dance,Cupping,Gym Time,Rowing,Free,Boxing,Acupuncture,Massage,Barre,Postnatal,Electrical muscle stimulation,Running,Prenatal


    3322 Steiner Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    Targeted Massage

    Alexandria is amazing, kind, knowledgeable and will take you to the next level of your daily life, practice or in my case athletic training through the personalized connection she creates for both mind & body. Book now and know that she is a gift you deserve! Thank you, Alexandria!
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    Alexandria Steppe, Licensed Acupuncturist/Intuitive Bodywork Specialist, is the sole…

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