• SoulCycle
    Cycling, Strength Training


    1935 14 Street NW, Washington


    Ashley was great at getting the crowd excited despite being at 7:15AM, truly amazed at the energy in the room. She was super motivational but I wish she made a couple of adjustments or comments for the newer people in the room — how to modify, explaining or slowing down on the handlebar choreography to keep everyone included.
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    SoulCycle is more than just a workout. It’s a sanctuary. We ride together as a pack…
  • Elevate Interval Fitness
    Strength Training, Running

    Elevate Interval Fitness

    2428 14th St NW, Washington
    Safety guidelines

    HIIT & Run (14th St)

    This was my first time at Elevate and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I felt like Jamel was paying attention to my form (which so many HIIT instructors do not) and encouraged me to do more when he (accurately) detected I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could have.
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    Elevate has long been known as "DC's Best Workout," including a 4.9 Star Rating on…
  • MINT
    Strength Training, Cycling, …


    1724 California St NW, Washington
    Safety guidelines

    Power Flex

    I loved, LOVED this class! It was my first time and Myke has great energy, learns your name, and helps you with your form. I workout a decent bit however I love when someone helps with your form and you don’t always get that at other classes. Will definitely be back!
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    Mint has classes for everyone: barre, yoga, bootcamp, Pilates, jumpboard, Zumba,…
    Boxing, Strength Training


    1449 U Street Northwest, Washington

    Technical Boxing

    So so great! Brandon went over the basics at the top of the class, so absolutely newbies to boxing (like me!) shouldn’t fear! The class incorporated aspects like cardio and core training on top of the boxing techniques. Our class size was only 5 people, which was great for the one-on-one periods with each person. Brandon was excellent at tailoring the individual sparring periods to each person’s level, and slowly raising the bar as he sees you improving. This was great because while I was definitely feeling the challenge of getting used to things, I could also see regular attendees feeling challenged as well! The environment was not intimidating at all, so I would absolutely recommend first-timers with interest to try it out!!
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    Nuboxx redefines the old school boxing club with an innovative small group, high…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    CorePower Yoga

    1773 Columbia Road Northwest, Washington

    C2 - CorePower Yoga 2

    Great intermediate flow. I didn’t realize Corepower is heated, but it was comfortably warm, not oppressively hot. I definitely sweat more than during a typical yoga class. Charles was approachable and encouraging. There were a couple times where it was hard to hear him over the music, but I’ll definitely return! #ClassPassInsider
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    This studio offers Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Strength Training classes. It’s more than…
  • Fit 360 DC
    Strength Training, Boxing, …

    Fit 360 DC

    3058 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington
    Safety guidelines


    Brian was amazing and so attentive to my being a first timer. Cant recommend him enough and the class was the arm burner I was hoping for. I wasnt sure if this would be too advanced but Id say if you have some basic TRX and kettlebell experience its totally fine, there was a good mix here. Loved how we alternated between each move. My only reservation was that there were some barefoot people with their feet on the TRX in the class before and nothing was wiped down between our classes. Theres no reason for bare feet in this place. But Ill be back wiping everything down beforehand
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    Using kettlebell & TRX training, as well as other forms of the most effective training…
    Strength Training


    1726 Kalorama Road Northwest, Washington
    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • CenterPointe
    Strength Training, Gym Time


    1802 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington


    Really great for those who are beginners to lifting or strength work. If you feel intimidated about getting started with TRX, kettlebells, or weightlifting in general, I'd definitely recommend the Saturday classes.
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    Get trained in strength, mobility, power and endurance by incorporating kettlebells…