• Form50 Fitness
    Strength Training, Pilates

    Form50 Fitness

    31-57 31st St, Queens


    I can’t even lift my arms and write this review. This class is crazy hard and Monica is tough as hell. The onlyyyy thing I would say, for this and any studio that requires socks, have a lil rental program, $5 a pop. Everyone wins!
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    FORM50 is more than a workout. It’s functional fitness training designed to make…
  • Spencer Pilates Arts

    Spencer Pilates Arts

    108-12 72nd Ave, Queens

    Pilates Barre

    An approachable ass kicking. First time taking barre here, as I aggregated an old injury at the popular big city barre classes and was afraid to go back. Great workout, left without feeling discouraged. Elizabeth is a great instructor.
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    Since 2006, Spencer Pilates Arts has been the premier Pilates studio of Forest Hills…
  • Lagree NY
    Strength Training, Pilates

    Lagree NY

    27-11 23rd Ave, Astoria

    Megaformer - Lagree : All Levels

    Emily was REALLY TOUGH! And I’ve been doing Lagree for 5 years. She holds positions for longer and really makes you feel the workout. I’m sore sitting down. Thanks Emily, I will be back! So thankful this studio is on Class Pass.
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    We guarantee a balanced and intense full body 50-minute workout that will utilize…
  • Perfect Posture Pilates

    Perfect Posture Pilates

    23-08 30th Ave, (between Crescent and 23rd St), 3rd FL, Queens


    Excellent teacher! So informative, helpful and welcoming. She makes sure you do everything properly to avoid injury, which I really appreciate. So few studios really give individual attention, but the small class sizes here make that possible. I will definitely be back and am considering private lessons.
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    Perfect Posture Pilates is a contemporary Pilates studio offering small group Pilates…
  • Club Pilates

    Club Pilates

    7039 Austin St, Forest Hills
    Club Pilates provides small group and private training classes for reformer Pilates…
  • Tone


    2nd Floor, 32-12 Broadway, New York

    Core Pilates Foam Roller

    The class is less intense than your usual pilates reformer class, but we did a good amount of core exercises. The rollers really do help you stretch out your hamstrings and give you proper alignments. Andrea went around and gave us minor adjustments to help us stretch better which I appreciated!
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    TONE is Astoria's premier boutique Pilates studio offering an exclusive, intimate…
  • PhysioElements Physical Therapy and Wellness

    PhysioElements Physical Therapy and Wellness

    1615 Northern Boulevard Suite 202, Manhasset

    Signature Move - Intermediate

    Dr. Robin provides great posture adjustments. For me it’s in my neck alignment and dropping shoulder tension and focusing activation from other muscles like intercostal and serratus or latissimus muscles. Learned some new corrections this morning, even in familiar Pilates forms and movements!
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    PhysioElements is a Wellness Collective, specializing in physical therapy and pilates…
  • W Fitness Club
    Pilates, Cycling, …

    W Fitness Club

    65-75 Woodhaven Boulevard, Queens County


    Susan has a way to make you feel like you are there and you have nothing to worry about. She is so gifted that even when you feel down she boosts your mood up and makes you happy and willing to do that. I love her classes and everyone should experience her ability to make you a happy person through a dancing exercise.
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    W Fitness Club is a state-of-the-art gym with a goal to keep you healthy and active…
  • V Strength and Pilates
    Pilates, Strength Training

    V Strength and Pilates

    3 Bond Street, Great Neck

    Beginner Pilates

    Challenging! The instructor was great, very patient and adjusted everything for me. It’s a good intro to Pilates equipment but not easy! The deep stretching in between reps was good
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    Pilates of Great Neck offers private and group Pilates lessons using an apparatus…

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