• Row House
    Rowing, Strength Training

    Row House

    505 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica
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    Jackson is an excellent instructor, full of high energy, hilarious, and knowledgeable. Kept us all laughing and enjoying the class that much more. He helped with our movements, which made me aware of muscles and tonalities I didn't know needed engagement. Will definitely keep returning.
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    Maximize Results, Minimize Time. A low-impact workout designed to build muscle, torch…
  • Old Town Gymnasium
    Strength Training, Rowing

    Old Town Gymnasium

    87 Fraser Alley, Pasadena
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    CrossFit Classes

    Highly recommend this class for strength training! All the instructors (Matt, Kat, and Jacob,) are friendly and will show 1-1 correct form on the beach press, dead lifts, etc. They have excellent equipment and overall it's a very supportive and friendly environment.
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    Old Town Gymnasium is Pasadena’s premier training facility, focused on improving…
  • LA Row

    LA Row

    731 S Broadway, Suite 302, Los Angeles
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    Row Flow

    I CANNOT speak HIGHLY ENOUGHHH of Charles and his INCREDIBLE teaching and listening abilities!!! He is THE ULTIMATE PRO!! Not just in rowing (which was my first time;) but also as a personal trainer!! He LISTENED to me and my body and adjusted the class accordingly!! THATTT is HUGEEE because not all bodies are created equal and not all days are the same!! I absolutely LOVEDDD this workout and CANNNNOT waittt to go back!! It was AWESOMEEEE and so was Charles!!! DEFINITELY give rowing a try!! Whattt a unexpectedly GREATTT workout!!! Thanksss Charles;)
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    LA Row is strictly rowing fitness studio. LA Row offers an exciting new take on…

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