• The J
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    The J

    5801 W 115th St, Leawood


    This class was great! The instructor was really positive. You were encouraged to move at your own pace and push yourself. Great workout!
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    The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City ("The J") opened in 1914, offers…
  • Chute Boxe KC
    Martial Arts, Boxing

    Chute Boxe KC

    9530 Marshall Drive, Lenexa
    Safety guidelines

    Muay Thai

    It was fun! I loved the class pacing - we had a full warm-up and cool-down period, which was nice. The instructor also allowed us to work at our own pace while still pushing us if it seemed to easy. Overall, I would recommend it again for others who want a good burn.
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    Kansas City's most authentic martial arts training. Brazilian Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu…
  • Grupo Axé Capoeira Kansas City
    Dance, Martial Arts

    Grupo Axé Capoeira Kansas City

    6430 Troost Avenue, Kansas City

    Intro to Capoeira

    The class involved a short music lesson (mostly percussion), and an introduction to the martial art! People there were really friendly and welcoming. My husband and I were the only "new" people. Our thighs are burning! It was a cool experience.
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy
    Martial Arts

    Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy

    7132 Main Street, Kansas City

    Adult Self Defense Class

    Love it
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    Chuan Fa Academy is a traditional self-defense school, that teaches Chinese Kenpo…
  • Warriors Academy
    Martial Arts

    Warriors Academy

    3185 Terrace Street, Kansas City
    At Warriors Academy in Kansas City, they believe that martial arts training can help…
  • Yoga Patch
    Yoga, Meditation, …

    Yoga Patch

    7235 Central St, Kansas City
    Safety guidelines

    Aerial Unwinding

    I absolutely LOVED Aerial Unwind with Rosie! I’ve been to several yoga hammock classes in the past. Typically it feels like a lot of play with very little structure. Aerial Unwind with Rosie was totally different! The class was thoughtful and had a beautiful flow - despite how clumsy it can feel to stretch with silks at times. Rosie is deeply knowledgeable and connected with her expertise. Everything we did had a purpose, but it was still really fun!!! I felt like I got SO MUCH out of my hour at Yoga Patch and a I can’t wait to deepen my practice with Rosie as a guide.
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    The Yoga Patch celebrates diversity in class selection and within their community…
  • TITLE Boxing Club
    Boxing, Martial Arts

    TITLE Boxing Club

    7812 W 119th St, Overland Park

    Boxing 45

    Hardest and most rewarding workout I’ve ever done. I highly recommend! The trainers are extremely talented and make the workout very enjoyable. Fantastic if you have been getting bored with other workouts. This will challenge you to train like an athlete and feel powerful!
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    TITLE Boxing Club delivers the amazing results of a boxing workout, minus the combat…

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