• Presher Fitness
    Strength Training, Boxing, …

    Presher Fitness

    123 West 18th Street Cellar, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Lions and Kettlebells

    The best Class in NYC. Truly an incredible trainer with a keen eye for everyone’s levels and areas of form improvement. It’s changed my outlook on fitness. Don’t wait anymore to grab for those heavy weight ladies! It’s such a more effective use of your time.
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    Presher Fitness is a results-driven fitness facility that brings the best aspects…
  • Overthrow Boxing Club

    Overthrow Boxing Club

    9 Bleecker St, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Overthrow Boxing Class

    Nice small class, great workout, super motivational, especially if you’re getting back into the groove of things. He also can modify if necessary, which I def needed because it was the first time in 8 months working out there. Thanks for a great class back!
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    -Classes are back at Overthrow. The underground is open! A 45-minute Boxing Burnout…
    Boxing, Strength Training, …


    636 Broadway, 2, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Kickboxing (All Levels)

    Great cardio and kickboxing class. Class stared off with an intense 10 min of straight body weight cardio and shadow boxing (jump squats, burpees, lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc). Then class was split in half. Half doing standard circuits (dumbbell renegade rows, box jumps and tricep dips, treadmill, rope pulls, med ball slams) whole the other half of class did different bag work combination stations- one station being with the instructor. Class ended with sit ups and dumbbell shadow boxing/lifts/curls.
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    Work Train Fight is a unique fitness experience that empowers and builds real boxing…
  • CompleteBody
    Boxing, Strength Training


    22 West 19th Street, New York


    This was the best boxing class I’ve ever had. Alex focuses on form and technique while giving you a great sweat. Don’t get intimidated by the gym, his classes are open to all levels.
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    Their 19th St Chelsea location is truly the last authentic bodybuilding gym you’ll…